Save Wynonna Earp: #BringWynonnaHome

Last updated: Monday, April 12th at 9am. Eastern

Notable Updates:

    How To Help:

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    Thanks to @polsnr on Twitter for the image above.

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    1. Jennifer Powell says:

      Please figure out a way to save this show. There arent to many shows out right now with a strong female part. And this show is beyond amazing!!


    2. Nicola Lang says:

      I can’t survive without my fix of Wynonna Earp its the only show that has put a smile on my face in these horrible lockdown times
      #Five For Wynonna Xxx


      1. Nicola Lang says:

        I can’t believe it. The best show ever it’s the only thing that has kept me going through the lockdowns in the UK please save our show #Five For Wynonna


    3. Rachel says:

      Here to do whatever I can! We have to stand strong and unites! #FiveForWynonna


    4. Bonnie A. Welch says:

      I am 59 years old and I have watched a lot of shows. This is without a doubt my favorite show ever. I appreciate the comics, the writers, the cast, the crew, the behind the scenes supporters and the fans; everything about this show is special. I will help however I can. Unfortunately I am not tech savvy so I may not be much help but I will certainly do whatever I can to keep this fantastic, groundbreaking show going. Thanks especially to Kevin and Bonnie for all they do for this fandom. I love you guys!


    5. chasity shackleford says:

      This show is absolutely amazing Earpers will fight for it! We will fight for our shitshow!


    6. Tammy Edwards says:

      Save the show all cast members are great.


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