‘Whiskey & Doughnuts’ a Live Fan Video Hangout

This is a fan run live video event with text chat for ALL Earpers, Cast, & Crew!

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The “Whiskey & Doughnuts” Live Video Fan Event

The hosts of the Tales of the Black Badge podcast, Bonnie and Kevin, host these LIVE events each week on Friday nights at 11:05pm Eastern shortly after the Wynonna Earp episodes air in the US and Canada.

The link to attend our next event is listed below under “How to Participate.”

You never know WHO is going to show up. These are primarily fan hangouts but we have been blessed to have had guests such as Emily Andras, Melanie Scrofano, Katherine Barrell, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Tim Rozon, & Shamier Anderson come on and join us in the past.

In order to allow everyone who wants to take part in the live video hangouts to be as comfortable as possible, these LIVE events are not recorded. After all, these events do often take place late at night so there’s no telling what might happen…which is a good thing! You have to be there to get in on the FUN!

Please do NOT take or share any screencaps or personal video of the events.

What happens in the hangout…stays in the hangout.

Technical FAQs…

We use Crowdcast as our provider. You’ll want to signup a free account for the events using either your Twitter account, Facebook account or an email address. The event is best viewed using Google Chrome on your computer or by using the free Crowdcast iOS app for your iPhone/iPad which you can find here. Some folks also have success using Firefox. Other browsers such as Internet Explorer, Edge and Safari may or may not work.  You should be able to use Google Chome or Firefox on their Android phones/tablets.  The first time you use the service you should sign-up using your computer rather than your mobile device.

You’ll need to log in using either your Twitter, Facebook or email account in order to take part in the event.

Unlike events on Zoom only Bonnie and Kevin will be on video. We often invite attendees who’d like to come on video to join us but you can attend and take part in the text chat portion of the event without coming on video.


We will share the LIVE link throughout the week on social media or you can find it below!


Whiskey & Doughnuts Main Page

You can simply watch and listen to us as we discuss the show and other topics of interest to Earpers or you can interact with us and other fans via the text chat or possibly even join in on the video call with us if you’d like!