Wynonna Earp Postmortem: Emily Andras talks “Walking After Midnight”

*** Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared on The TV Junkies and has been republished here with the consent of its author and Emily Andras. ***

*** Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Wynonna Earp episode “Walkin’ After Midnight” ***

With the slow roll of the empty cop car covered in blood and the eery music playing in the background, Wynonna Earp left fans with one heck of a cliffhanger this week! What happened to Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) and Officer Haught (Katherine Barrell)? Where are they and how will Doc (Tim Rozon) and the others find them? These are just a few of the questions racing through our minds here at The TV Junkies after this week’s episode, “Walking After Midnight.”

The missing duo weren’t the only things we were left to worry about either, as poor Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) had a huge showdown at the Homestead with the Stone Witch (Rayisa Kondracki). What will that mean for her fate? Wynonna Earp showrunner Emily Andras, who co-wrote this episode with Caitlin D. Fryers, joined us for her weekly post-episode discussion to give us some hints about Wynonna and Haught’s whereabouts, how the rest of the team may go about finding them and some more information about Dolls’ (Shamier Anderson) bosses in the Black Badge Division.

The TV Junkies: Despite the awesome shot of the empty car rolling and the music playing, that ending was so not cool! What happened to Wynonna and Haught?

Emily Andras: I’m sure they just went for breakfast, as was planned! Maybe they ran out of gas and decided to take the Harley on the coldest day of the year? [laughs]

What happened to Wynonna and Nicole? Did you see the blood in that car? I would say nothing good. Nothing good happened. Now Doc is the only one that knows they are missing and he’s in the middle of nowhere.

TTVJ: It was a lot of fun to see Wynonna and Haught working together and bonding a bit. Why did you want to pair those two up?

EA: I think it’s good for Wynonna to start getting some allies in town in addition to her boss, the guy she has slept with and her sister. I like that Nicole doesn’t come with the burden of the history of the town and of Wynonna’s reputation in the town. I just love depicting female friendship on screen and is always something that can use a little more love in television. I like that they are so different.

The other thing I like with that storyline is that it shows another way the curse is going to eat away at Wynonna. She’s never really sure who she can trust. When all that stuff went down with the card in the morgue with the body, she confronted Nicole about possibly being the bad guy–that is 100 per cent a possibility at this point as Nicole is new in town and we don’t know much about it. So it was interesting to get into Wynonna’s head and see how the paranoia can eat you alive.

But on top of that I just thought it was really fun to see those two drinking and complaining about their boss, commiserating about their jobs and being in town and not quite fitting in. I feel like they are both outsiders which I really like.

TTVJ: With Haught and Wynonna missing can we expect Waverly and Doc teaming up to find them? How will that go given Waverly was pretty upset with him this week?

EA: In next week’s episode Waverly is injured and has hurt her arm. So Doc is definitely going to need some help, but he may pair up with someone unexpected–possibly someone who really, really hates him. The team is going to be “all hands on deck” next episode to find out where Wynonna is and get her out of danger, but as we know, Wynonna is really good at taking care of herself. On the other hand we are looking down the barrell of such a precarious situation here regarding Haught and Wynonna.

TTVJ: Prior to this there was quite the showdown at the Homestead involving the Stone Witch where she told Waverly her boys are something more than a revenant. Any hints as to what she was referring to?

EA: I would say they are possibly a demon or supernatural being of a different kind. If they were revenants they would’ve been resurrected with the curse, but they remained bones. The fact that somebody took the trouble to separate their bones and scatter them all over the Ghost River Triangle says to me that whatever they are is not good. Someone was taking great pains to make sure these two boys could never be put back together.

TTVJ: What impact will Waverly crushing the skull have on the Stone Witch’s plan?

EA: I wouldn’t say Waverly is in Constance Clootie’s good books right now. A desperate witch will do desperate things.

TTVJ: All along we’ve been told Doc is only out for himself and that certainly seemed to be the case here when he put his vengeance for the Stone Witch above everything else. But is Waverly right, does he love Wynonna and will he maybe stop all the lying and start to put others first?

EA: I think even within the episode Doc realizes that he has done something quite terrible. When he says to Waverly, ‘Go upstairs and protect yourself, I’ll be right behind you,’ I always felt that Doc would die defending Waverly. There’s no doubt in my mind that Doc cares about Wynonna. Does he love her? You tell me fans because that is a great, great question. Does she love him? I don’t know.

I find Waverly really seems to see Doc with clear eyes. There’s something interesting in that even though she’s such an optimist and sees the best in people, she’s not naive. She’s quite clear-headed about what Doc is–which is a liar–but she still chooses to occasionally put her faith in him. I feel like that would sort of reach Doc in a place in his heart that hasn’t been touched in awhile. I like when he says ‘I was at the bottom of the well and all I thought about was vengeance, but I forgot about the other part. I forgot about living.’ This is the problem, because if you have any feelings at all you can’t just feed off vengeance. You can’t go through life without caring about people.

TTVJ: While all this is going on Dolls is missing. Clearly he looks to be in trouble with his bosses, but can you give us any more details about Dolls and Agent Lucado (Kate Drummond)?

EA: I love Agent Lucado and I think she’s amazing. She obviously despises him and we’ll have to see if that’s professional disdainment or if there’s something personal there. It’s interesting that for all his principals Dolls also has to make his own deals with the devil. At the end he clearly makes assurances to Lucado and Black Badge that he’s going to bring them something in regards to the supernatural or evidence of the paranoia, and that doesn’t sound like a good deal. It sounds like a deal made out of desperation to protect the Earp girls, but we shall see how that comes out.

TTVJ: What’s to come in Episode 8?

EA: Episode 8 is probably one of the best episodes of the year. It’s absolutely blistering from start to finish. It’s so frantic. It’s so crazy and yet, in the middle of it there’s some absolutely glorious shirtlessness from both the male leads–just keep that in mind. There’s some gore and there’s some violence and some precariousness. There’s so much danger and there’s so much suspense, but at the same time we know what show we’re making, so there’s something hella sexy right in the middle. It’s a crazy joy ride so just be ready! It’s insane. I get breathless just thinking about it.

What do you think happened to Wynonna and Haught? Add your predictions and what you hope to see next week in the comments below!

Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 10 p.m ET on Syfy in the US. In Canada, episodes air Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on CHCH. All episodes will also stream live on CHCH.com in conjunction with the SyFy and CHCH broadcast airings.


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