Wynonna Earp Postmortem: Emily Andras talks “Two-Faced Jack”

*** Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared on The TV Junkies and has been republished here with the consent of its author and Emily Andras. ***

*** Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Wynonna Earp episode “Two-Faced Jack” ***

After leaving fans with quite the cliffhanger last week, this week’s episode of Wynonna Earp took a deliciously creepy turn as Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) and Officer Haught’s (Katherine Barrell) fates were revealed. Wynonna awoke in horror to find herself at the mercy of serial killing revenant Jack (Bitten’s Greg Bryk). Meanwhile, Doc (Tim Rozon) and Dolls (Shamier Anderson) had to ban together and join forces to find Wynonna.

What will Wynonna do now that she’s finished off the last of the Seven? Did her father Ward really make a deal with Bobo Del Rey? As always, we here at The TV Junkies have all kinds of questions after watching this week’s episode, “Two-Faced Jack.” Thankfully just as she does every week, Wynonna Earp showrunner Emily Andras joins us to break it all down and preview what we can look out for in coming weeks.

The TV Junkies: I feel like the first thing we need to do is discuss Melanie’s fantastic performance in this episode. She nailed it on so many different levels.

Emily Andras: This episode once again solidified why nobody else in the entire world could play Wynonna Earp but Melanie Scrofano. I think she is Wynonna and Wynonna is her. There are so many moments in this episode where I’m just so moved and empowered by her performance. Every single time she throws herself off the surgical bed and crawls across the floor, determined to survive no matter what it takes, never giving up, I get emotional. The look on her face–the vulnerability and the hurt–when Jack is talking about her father and how he potentially made a deal with Bobo Del Rey. I just think everything about her is extraordinary as an actress.

I actually think she’s a star, but I want to keep her a few more years before she goes on to SUPER greatness. I’m just so glad we saw her in the sea of people we saw and she’s just a spark in the dark. I think Mel has got the dialogue and the feeling of Wynonna and understands her so skin deep that those things compliment each other.

TTVJ: Now that Wynonna has made her way through the Seven what’s next for her and does she find any closure from completing this quest?

EA: We see a different Wynonna once she vanquishes Jack. She’s laying on the floor, crying and is obviously shell-shocked. She’s drinking whiskey with Waverly, who refuses to let her go and is so cute, and she burns the picture. That’s one of the themes of the season is revenge. Does revenge ever fill the hole in your soul? Can it ever make things right? I definitely think Wynonna is going to take a little bit of doing to get over this. But as far as what’s next, oh my god buckle up, roller coaster ride! There’s so much coming down the pipe that Wynonna doesn’t even know. But right now I would say her emphasis is taking the information Jack gave her on Bobo and start to circle back around on Bobo Del Rey who has a few surprises of his own tucked away.

TTVJ: So is what Jack told Wynonna about her father the truth and he wasn’t just messing with her? Along those same lines what was with Jack’s accent and his comments about Scotland Yard?

EA: Well I don’t know if Jack was messing with her or not, but I think we’re starting to see a portrait painted of Ward Earp that’s a little less than glowing. We’ve gotten glimpses of it before like in Episode 5 when Waverly calls Wynonna “daddy” when she wakes up and demands a beer. Just because you have the last name Earp doesn’t necessarily make you a good person or a hero. That is just another mystery for Wynonna to unravel regarding her family history and will take her to some really interesting places.

As for Jack’s accent and the Scotland Yard mention, some smart people in the audience are going to figure that out. There was a very famous serial killer in Great Britain who caused a lot of havoc and mysteriously disappeared, and there’s an ongoing theory that that particular Jack fled to America. If you check the dates there’s some really interesting speculation that maybe one of the most famous serial killers of all time–whose name I’m purposely not saying–crossed the pond. It’s just an interesting tidbit and kind of fun.

Again was Jack playing with her? He said a lot of stuff. He said some stuff about her father, claimed to be one of the most famous serial killers of all time and then made a weird prophecy before he died. I think there’s some really, really interesting tidbits that he has left for the Earp girls.

TTVJ: It was a lot of fun seeing Greg Bryk as Jack. How did that opportunity come about to get him for an episode, especially in such a pivotal role like the last of the Seven?

EA: Greg is such an incredible actor. He was a driving force behind Bitten, a wonderful show and did a great guest turn on Fargo. I’m a huge Greg fan and we knew we needed someone really powerful as the last of the Seven, someone who could hold his own against Melanie, Tim and Shamier. When we heard Greg was available we jumped at the chance. He came and got along with the cast like gangbusters. He really commits, there’s no doubt about it and he has a lot of feelings how the character should work, but the result on screen is that he’s just dynamic.

TTVJ: Should we be worried about you and your writing staff after you all gave us such a creepy episode and lines like “I love to look at your organs?”

EA: Yes you should be worried about us! [laughs] I really want to give props to Leo Wieser who is our special effects guy on the ground and owns Bleeding Art Industries. He built an entire working apparatus for that dissection scene with a set of raccoon lungs and a pump that made them move. I was kind of freaked out because we had a kid on set that day and I said ‘Are you OK?’ and he was like ‘Yep I tried on the apparatus!’

That’s the thing though about being a writer right? You have to think about what it’s like to be a serial killer. My google search history is a travesty. I’m on so many watch lists you have no idea. Every couple of months I just type in ‘I am a television writer’ into Google in case I am being monitored.

But Jack is this serial killer and we really just wanted such a monster. That’s what I liked about this character is that he’s now a demon, but he says to Wynonna ‘even when I was human I wasn’t.’ There are people like that that walk amongst us with no emotion or empathy and are driven by powers that are just evil. What happens when that guy is imbued with demonic properties? Nothing good. We really wanted to see a type of villain that’s a really difficult foe for Wynonna.

TTVJ: The fight scenes between Dolls and Doc were some of the most fun parts of the episode. How long did the boys have to train for that?

EA: They were so committed. We shot that part after Christmas so they had about 4 weeks. I gave them a heads up and they were so cute because they are incredibly good friends, but there’s a competitive spirit there. I think the boys looked marvelous and extraordinary. I was so happy with Steve McMichael, our stunt coordinator, and the way he did the fight. I thought it was really genuine. I liked how Dolls fought with a military precision and he had some martial arts moves. I laughed so hard that Doc was fighting old-timey. He holds his fist in a way that’s old fashioned and he’s not opposed to some dirty tricks like broken beer bottles and kicks to the groin. I found it really delicious and credit to Ron Murphy [episode director] because it was shot so beautifully.

TTVJ: It was pretty evident how much both Dolls and Doc care for Wynonna. After this week’s events have they reached a bit of an understanding between each other for the time being?

EA: I’d say they understand that they had to set aside their differences for the greater good, a greater good with hair for days. I don’t think they are exactly buddy-buddy. I think they respect one another and understand one another. They are both Alpha males on some level but they needed each other. Whether that uneasy alliance sticks? We’ll have to watch. I do think they are starting to respect each other and I just like seeing the two of them together, it’s hilarious. Those guys are incredible and we talk a lot about the ladies on this show, with good pause, but I really think we need Shamier and Tim this episode.

TTVJ: Now that Dolls knows there’s a mole in Black Badge can you give us any hints as to whom it may be or how he’s going to go about finding out who it is?

EA: I don’t want to give any hints about who it is or how that’s going to play out. I personally found it quite shocking how violent Dolls was at the end. He really is determined to do anything. Regardless of the fact that Black Badge can play Dolls in a way that seems unfair, and they are ruthless and can deny him drugs it seems if he’s not delivering, this organization is obviously very important to Dolls and he takes it very seriously. It’s basically his life so that’s more what I’m interested in. I would say Dolls would do anything to figure out who is compromising his investigation.

TTVJ: What can we expect from Episode 9?

EA: Episode 9 sees a fairly shaken Wynonna dealing with some PTSD in typical sexy, drunk fashion and maybe figuring out what her purpose is now that the Seven have been vanquished. At the same time we see the return of a favorite villain, the Stone Witch (Rayisa Kondracki), who is making her big play in Episode 9 to get what she wants and woe to the person or revenant who gets in her way. We also see some really delicious Waverly and Nicole Haught interaction so stay tuned for that.

What did you think of this week’s creepy installment? Add your thoughts and what you hope to see next week in the comments below!

Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 10 p.m ET on Syfy in the US. In Canada, episodes air Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on CHCH. All episodes will also stream live on CHCH.com in conjunction with the SyFy and CHCH broadcast airings.


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