Wynonna Earp Postmortem: Emily Andras talks “Landslide”

*** Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared on The TV Junkies and has been republished here with the consent of its author and Emily Andras. ***

*** Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Wynonna Earp episode “Landslide” ***

One thing has become abundantly clear in Wynonna Earp’s first season, it’s that this show loves a good cliffhanger. Emily Andras and Co. have once again left us scratching our heads as one of our main Wynonna character’s life seems to be in peril. After talking with a good samaritan on his way out of town, Doc (Tim Rozon) was kidnapped at the end and we’re left worrying until next Friday about whether or not he’ll be alright. Elsewhere, mercenaries attacked the Homestead looking for Dolls (Shamier Anderson) and added drama to an already tense household thanks to the return of Willa (Natalie Krill).

Can the Earp sisters work through this new and tense dynamic that exists between them? Will Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) be able to bond with both Willa and Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano)? More importantly, what was Bobo (Michael Eklund) doing coming to Willa’s rescue? These are all questions we had for showrunner Andras in our weekly post episode discussion for Episode 11, “Landslide.”

The TV Junkies: What’s happened to Doc? Who took him?

Emily Andras: He’s in so much trouble. He’s in a LOT of trouble and I’m worried about his hat getting left behind. I can’t picture Doc Holliday without his hat — even if he’s in the grave, he needs his hat. I’m not saying he’s in the grave, but if he is, he’ll need that hat.

TTVJ: Who was the good samaritan who helped fix Doc’s car?

EA: His name is Juan Carlo. He was played by Shaun Johnston, a beloved Canadian actor who is on Heartland. He’s Canada’s Sam Elliott in my humble opinion. I think the question is not so much who is Juan Carlo as what is Juan Carlo? He seems to have a lot of information and some rather strange abilities, but he’s clearly not a revenant — he can go back and forth across the Ghost River Triangle. The important thing is that he was encouraging Doc to make a choice between leaving and not leaving, and maybe staying and helping Wynonna Earp. It hardly matters any more because he’s missing. He’s gone. End of story. Goodbye Doc!

TTVJ: So Willa was back this week and things got a little awkward with the Earp sisters. It really felt like Willa was interrupting the Wynonna/Waverly relationship we’ve really grown to love. What will the dynamics between the sisters look like going forward?

EA: Obviously, Willa and Wynonna were closer in age versus Waverly, who is six/seven years younger than her older sisters, so she doesn’t know Willa that well. I think it’s really interesting that Waverly, who is so open and warm and lovely and has time for everybody from Bobo when she was a child to Doc Holliday, who is clearly a scam artist, seems to have hesitation with Willa.

On the other hand, she’s only just gotten Wynonna back. She and Wynonna have worked so hard to bond again and figure out who they are going to be and have each other’s back. Is some of it just simple jealousy? Probably, and how can you not feel bad for Willa on some level? She’s been in a cult a bunch of years and is kind of a weirdo who is also an amnesiac. She doesn’t know what’s going on.

The sister dynamic is really interesting right now and it’s hard for Wynonna to be caught between those two girls. At the same time, she’s starting to realize she might be losing something that she never thought would be important to her, which is being the heir. It’s not super happy fun time at the Earp Homestead, but ultimately, family’s got to stick together so we’ll figure it out. Or will they?

TTVJ: It was a really good little twist to see Dolls being the one to talk to Waverly about everything. We haven’t seen much of them together in one-on-one situations before.

EA: I secretly love that scene, too. I thought he was really warm in the scene. First off, he was observant enough that he understood maybe she didn’t love Willa. I liked when he said, ‘It’s OK not to like her.’ The other thing I liked is that she really gets him. He opened up to her and said, ‘I have a mole and don’t know what to do. I don’t know where it’s coming from.’ But also, I liked when he said, ‘Black Badge is not just a job for me.’ There’s something about Waverly that encourages people to just open up, be honest, and tell the truth. He gave her a nice compliment, too, and called her ‘Earp.’ So sweet and he sees how important that is to her. Every week I like Dolls more and more.

TTVJ: I did like when Dolls said it’s OK not to like Willa because that’s sort of how I feel at the moment. I’m not sure I like her coming in and breaking up Wynonna and Waverly’s relationship.

EA: That’s fine! I kind of think that’s good. Willa is an enigma and she’s weird, if we’re being honest. It’s an interesting dynamic because Willa is obviously a woman that has been through a lot.

TTVJ: As you mentioned, Wynonna is starting to realize that she really wants to be the heir. So how do we move forward with two heirs? Does this mean Waverly will also become heir at 27?

EA: That’s a good question! Could Waverly handle Peacemaker when she’s 27? Give me eight seasons and I guess we’ll find out. [laughs] How do we move forward with two heirs? Very carefully but wouldn’t that be an interesting dynamic? If you think Wynonna is dangerous on her own, imagine her paired up with an older sister who has been trained. The more girl power the better, but we’ll see.

TTVJ: It was pretty surprising to see Bobo save Willa’s life. What the heck is that all about?

EA: What the heck IS that all about? Can we also talk about when he smashed in that guy’s head like a watermelon with a rock? Out of everything we’ve done on this show, every time Bobo smashes that guy’s head I have to look away. It reminds me of that scene from Game of Thrones last year and it’s pretty visceral. What we know of Bobo is that everything he does is deliberate, well thought out, and well-planned. So obviously he had a reason for saving Willa and I don’t think that’s good. If I were her, I would be careful, let me put it that way. The Earp girls should all be careful because we’re only starting to ramp up to what Bobo has planned.

TTVJ: That was quite a shootout at the Homestead. What was that like to film? “Eat shit shiteaters!”

EA: ‘Eat shit shiteaters!’ [laughs] That’s one of our sound mixer’s favorite lines and it’s one of the greatest lines of all time. It’s such a Waverly line, right? Only Dominique can pull that off and she does with aplomb. I love it. I love it so much.

I think the choreography on that was just exceptional. Knowing our limitations and our budget I just have to give props to Steve McMichael once again, our stunt coordinator. He did The Hobbit, among other things, and is so well-respected. He choreographed an entire siege and he just blew my mind. I thought it was so amazing, really precarious, and cool.

TTVJ: We know you said no members of WayHaught die this season, but we did see Waverly get shot, so clearly they aren’t immune to being in danger.

EA: Oh no! This is just the tip of the iceberg. To be clear, they are mortal and this is all a precarious situation, but they are both alive at the end of the season. 100%.

TTVJ: Sadly, there was no Officer Haught this week, but things seem to still be going well for her and Waverly’s relationship. Why is Waverly keeping that hidden from Wynonna and will she find out soon?

EA: That’s a good question. I think the fact that Waverly was talking about Haught shows that she was very front of mind for her. I think it’s interesting. Why is Waverly keeping it a secret from Wynonna? I think it’s partly because maybe the girls don’t know each other as well as they think they do. This is something really special to Waverly. Sometimes when you really want something, and it really matters to you, but it’s something you never thought would happen to you, it’s also terrifying and that’s OK.

I’ve called it a little precious duckling of a relationship and I think it is. I think right now it’s something Waverly can have on her own, but it’s a big deal. It’s a big deal to come out and tell even people you love and trust the most that maybe you’ve taken steps towards being your true self. I think it was interesting at the end of the episode that Waverly was clearly trying to gather her courage to tell Wynonna. I love the line when Wynonna says ‘Dudes dig scars,’ and Waverly says ‘Do chicks?’ Then they get interrupted so rudely by Dolls just because he was the subject of an assassination attempt. I mean, dude!

TTVJ: I know! Who cares? We’re talking about WayHaught!

EA: Read the room. Read the room! I’m sorry a bunch of mercenaries just tried to kill you but we’re trying to come out to our sister. Pick your moments dude. Pick. Your. Moments.

TTVJ: He had done so well earlier helping Waverly!

EA: I know! It’s a good Dolls episode. I feel like Dolls is really coming into his own and I like Dolls next episode, too.

TTVJ: You’ll just ruin that when you reveal what’s going on with his lizard eye! EA: And Doc’s clearly off the show! We’re losing the menfolk left, right, and center. It’s like Bobo and Juan Carlo are the two options left.

TTVJ: And Whiskey Jim!EA: Look, if you’re going to be prejudice against a hot dude because of his “lizard eyes” we’re going to have to talk somewhere else because I don’t see in “eye shapes.” I’m very neutral and that’s not a dealbreaker for me, especially if he looks like Shamier Anderson.

TTVJ: We’ve only got two episodes left this season. What can we look forward to from the penultimate one, Episode 12?

EA: Just the sound of a platypus squealing. Insert insane shrieking of joy, terror, and shock. Find that noise and put it here. So many twists and turns. Everybody gets all dressed up. Officer Haught takes her hair down, which many will be very happy to know. Bobo’s plan comes to fruition with terrifying results. Obviously, Willa and Wynonna have to figure out how to work together as the heir. Are they both the heir? How will Peacemaker choose between them? Can they both wield it? Waverly’s in dangerous situations. Doc is god knows where. Dolls better get some eye drops for that whole lizard eye situation. I promise you that the last two episodes are an absolute blistering firecracker of a ride. Buckle up. You won’t be disappointed!

What are your thoughts on the new dynamic between the Earp sisters? What happened to Doc? Add your thoughts and what you hope to see next week in the comments below!

Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 10 p.m ET on Syfy in the US. In Canada, episodes air Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on CHCH. All episodes will also stream live on CHCH.com in conjunction with the SyFy and CHCH broadcast airings.


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