Tales Of The Black Badge T-Shirt Design Contest

Calling ALL Earper Artists!! Help us design our NEW LOGO! 

Most of you know that Bonnie and Kevin host the Tales Of The Black Badge podcast. We’ve been asked many times if we have podcast T-shirts available to purchase so you could help to spread the word about our podcast and the TV show. We also plan to have these T-shirts included as one of the rewards available via our Patreon campaign. So we thought it would be great if one of the talented Earpers could help us come up with a logo that we could use on our T-shirts. So we’re doing our very first design contest! We’d love for you to submit your design for what our logo should look like. Bonnie and I will personally review all the entries and gather feedback from the Earpers to help us select the winning entry.


Important things to keep in mind…

    • We’re looking for a logo that captures the fun nature of our podcast and the Earper fandom.
    • This logo may be used on things other than just our tee shirt.
    • You can’t use any copyright images, logos, etc. from the TV show or other copyright works…this needs to be your original work.
    • We may request reasonable, minor design modifications from the proposed winner.
    • If your design is selected as the winner you agree to no further compansation beyond the list of prizes outlined below.
    • Please submit the design in jpeg or other high resolution format via email to our email address (info@wynonnaearpfans.com) by December 31, 2016


    If your design is selected as the winning entry you’ll receive the following prizes…

    – credit from us on our future podcasts and in the blog posts for each of our podcast releases
    – a $25 Amazon gift certificate
    – a free T-shirt with the logo
    – our undying love and all the virtual hugs you can handle 🙂


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