Ways to “Polite No Chill” Others to Watch Wynonna Earp on Netflix

There’s good news Earpers! Just in time for Season 2 arriving early this summer, Season 1 of Wynonna Earp arrived on Netflix April 1. While this gives fans of the show a nice chance to rewatch Season 1 of the supernatural western, it also brings about the opportunity to recruit and gain more viewers heading into Season 2. The ease and accessibility of having the show on Netflix can be a great asset in any existing Earpers’ toolbelt, as we all try to build the audience heading into Season 2.

Earpers are known for their reputation of having “No Chill,” and when they combine their efforts for any cause things usually go their way. However, one of the nicest aspects about the Earper fandom is that even when they are unleashing the full power of “No Chill,” Earpers do so in a way that is positive and with utmost respect, aka “Polite No Chill.” Arriving on Netflix means that Earpers are now free to go forth and get any and everyone that they know to watch the show, and to prove that it really is as great as we’ve all been saying for the past year.

Since Earpers love to help each other out, I thought it’d be good to provide some ways to get friends, family members, co-workers, acquaintances and even strangers to check out Season 1 on Netflix. Naturally, in order to do this, I went to the experts of “Polite No Chill,” the Earpers themselves, to see and share how they plan on building the fandom and recruiting new viewers come April 1. Check out some of their ideas below and maybe even implement a few yourself!

A Polite Reminder

Start out subtle and maybe just nudge all those people you’ve talked up Wynonna Earp to all year long that they did indeed promise to check it out. Now would be a great time to do that and remind them that just telling you several months ago they’d watch didn’t get rid of you. You’re back and ready for them to make good on it!

The Surprise Attack!

Admittedly, this one could be a little dangerous depending on how big of a shock you give your friend. So do not try the surprise attack on those faint of heart! You’ve been warned, use this move with extra caution!

When in doubt, feed them!

People are willing to do a lot of things if there’s free food involved. So maybe buy a pizza or some other item you know will entice them and then, once they are fed and happy, turn on some Wynonna Earp and get them hooked!

Appeal to their personal preferences

Everyone connects to television shows in their own specific ways. Some aspects of Wynonna Earp will resonate differently with people depending on who is watching. Find out what your friends like in TV shows and relate that back to Wynonna.

Show them the pretty faces

We all know the Wynonna Earp cast by now and that they aren’t too horrible to look at. In fact, and yes we all may be biased, but they are one of the best casts around. Maybe use those pretty faces to pull in new viewers.

Go out of your comfort zone

I’m willing to bet we’d all sacrifice a lot in the name of Wynonna Earp and seeing the show succeed. Getting a bunch of new viewers on board this train before Season 2 would be HUGE! So now may be the time for that sacrifice, even if it makes you a little uncomfortable in the process!

The ol’ switcheroo

If they don’t seem exactly open to the idea of Wynonna Earp at first don’t let that stop you. You may know better than them, but just need to pull a fast one on them for them to see how right you are about this show.

Swap meet!

Finally, who doesn’t like a good old fashioned trade? Offer to give some of your time to check out your friend’s favorite show and in exchange ask that they watch Wynonna.

What tactic do you plan on using? Let us know and keep us posted on the progress!

Wynonna Earp Season 1 arrives on Netflix April 1 in the US and Canada.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Connie ferrell says:

    What great ideas ! Especially the “I will watch yours if you watch mine.”
    I live in a small town <2000 people I'm gonna put up a sign at the library that says
    "Wynona Earp season premiere June 9th Party at my house everyone welcome" and my phone number..
    And "Havent seen the awesomeness yet? As of Aprill 1st watch every episode on Netflix So jump in You horror western fans!
    See ya then 🍩


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