7 Ways For You To Support Wynonna Earp

So you love Wynonna Earp and want to make sure there’s plenty more seasons of it to come? That’s great news because you can be a big part of why that happens! Much like our heroine herself, Wynonna Earp the show is a bit of an underdog, and just like Wynonna, Earpers aren’t going to sit back and not put up a fight. Fandoms matter big time these days and fans have real power and control at their disposal. Together the Wynonna Earp fandom can really show the powers that be why Wynonna Earp matters and why we need more of it.

Every single one of us must come together and be loud and proud with our support for the show because what each one of us can do could make such a huge impact. We’ve been through this before and #NoChill-ed our way to a Season 2 and that’s exactly what we need to do again. Be loud. Be Proud. Show your dedication. Stay persistent and keep at it. This ALL matters, Earpers. It really does!

To help keep everyone on the same page and ensure we’re all using our talents and voices in the best way possible to benefit Wynonna Earp, we’ve compiled a list of ways you can support the show. The following are ways, listed in order of importance and impact, that YOU can help Wynonna Earp. Keep in mind, that while some things are more important, every little thing Earpers can do to help add up and matter. Nothing is too small!

Earpers are known for our #NoChill, staying positive, being energetic and dedicated. Let’s live up to that reputation and make sure Syfy and others know what a great fandom Wynonna Earp has behind it!

1. Watch live and tweet!

Watching Wynonna Earp when it airs on Friday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Syfy and Space Channel is huge, as well as participating in the live tweet. Getting the show trending on Twitter, by tagging all your tweets with #WynonnaEarp, during this period really goes a long way into showing networks that fans love the show and we’re not going to stop talking about it. Keep up the noise!

2. Rewatch on your DVR/PVR within 48 hours

Even if you participate in the live tweet on Friday nights, record the show on your DVR/PVR and play it back over the weekend. Please note that it’s especially important to rewatch within the first 48 hours for maximum effect and yes, if you want to play it on a constant loop all weekend long that’s going to get measured and it’s going to count.

3. Watching Wynonna Earp On Demand

If you don’t have a DVR but have a cable/satellite/streaming provider that has the show On Demand then watching from there helps and is also tracked.

4. Watch on Syfy.com/Syfy app

Anything that shows Syfy how much we all love Wynonna Earp is a great thing. Watching episodes directly off their website is one way to do that. Another way is watching the episode from the Syfy app.

5. When in doubt, make noise on social media

Having a strong online social media presence is huge and this point can’t be stressed enough. Whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc., always posting using #WynonnaEarp is huge and will really help to show how passionate Wynonna fans truly are. We all love the show, so make sure others know how much and why you love it too. If you want to go beyond just tagging your posts with #WynonnaEarp, then also make sure you’re telling Syfy President Chris McCumber (@mccumberc) why you love the show so much or why it personally means so much to you.

6. Purchase season passes on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon

Buying season passes of Season 2 on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon is another way you can support the show. Watching live and through the networks is always preferable, but purchasing seasons online helps as well.

7. International Earpers tweet along!

Wynonna Earp has attracted fans from all around the world and we know those Earpers want to get involved and show their support as well. If you’re international and have purchased the show on iTunes or Amazon then tweet along when you watch. Tweet #WynonnaEarp all week long along with the rest of the Earpers because social media doesn’t care where you’re from. California or Belgium the impact of your tweets will be the same! Heck, you can even participate in the live tweets and help get us trending by joining the Friday East Coast airing time window (just stay away from the hashtag so you don’t get spoiled!). 

The #NoChill is strong and alive in this fandom and just keep at it. Let your voices be heard, get personal when sharing your stories and just don’t stop. However, always remember Earpers have #NoChill, but it’s also a #PoliteNoChill. Let’s use our powers for good, keep things positive and show our support. Just remember it’s usually the reluctant underdog who against all odds becomes the hero! Now go to work #Earpers!



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