Wynonna Earp Postmortem: Emily Andras Talks “I See A Darkness”

*** Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared on The TV Junkies and has been republished here with the consent of its author and Emily Andras. ***

*** This article contains major spoilers for the Wynonna Earp Season 2 episode “I See A Darkness” ***

Wait a second, did that just happen? The show is called Wynonna Earp, so how can we have it without our leading lady? It looks like fans are about to find out after Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) disappeared at the end of the episode, thanks to Greta (Rachael Ancheril), aka the Iron Witch. Greta cast the spell as retribution for the Earp girls getting her sister, the Blacksmith from Season 1, killed by the Stone Witch. This all happened because of deals Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) had to make in order to save Nicole’s (Katherine Barrell) life after she was bitten by Widow Mercedes (Dani Kind).

It was a very tense hour as Nicole’s life hung in the balance and Wynonna, Doc (Tim Rozon), Dolls (Shamier Anderson) and the team worked to figure out a cure. Wynonna promised her sister she’d save Nicole, but Waverly couldn’t wait and made the deal with both Greta and Widow Beth (Meghan Heffern) to save her girlfriend. Widow Beth is now in possession of the third seal, but can we even worry about that given that Wynonna is missing, Doc is trapped in a well and everyone else seems to not even know who Wynonna is?

Wynonna Earp showrunner Emily Andras once again joins us for her weekly chat to talk all about “I See A Darkness,” written by John Callaghan and directed by Ron Murphy. Only two episodes remain in Season 2 and there are plenty of questions and mysteries still up in the air. Buckle up Earpers, it seems like the end of the season is going to be one wild ride!

The TV Junkies: Seriously! What was that? Wynonna has vanished?

Emily Andras: She’s gone. It’s the Calamity Jane show now, which is great. Give the people what they want because you know, you got to be ruthless in this business. So yeah, that wasn’t super great that happened, and the thing that sucks is nobody seems to even remember that Wynonna even exists. So it’s pretty hard to rescue someone when you don’t even know that they’re missing.

TTVJ: Right, because if that is the case…

EA: Anyway, have a great week! Bye Bridget! Happy summer!

TTVJ: I was really trying to work it out after because there’s so many questions.

EA: I know! I’m excited about your theories. Plus, we only have two more episodes! It’s not a great time for Wynonna to disappear. Hello, the Widows are on the march! Not good.

TTVJ: OK, so we see Waverly planning a wedding with Jeremy, but it may not be to Jeremy.

EA: I agree with that. Yes.

TTVJ: What can you share about the timeline? Are we in some sort of alternate reality? You’re not going to tell me.

EA: I’m not going to tell you anything. Nothing. I can share my Cup-a-Soup. I would say, try to think of it as Wynonna never existed.

TTVJ: So, then why are Dolls and Jeremy still around? Are there still demons and revenants in Purgatory?

EA: These are all questions that you should probably watch the next episode to get answers to.

TTVJ: If the demons are around and Waverly isn’t an Earp, but Wynonna is gone, then who is the heir?

EA: Maybe there isn’t an heir! You have to be 27 to be the heir.

TTVJ: But Willa isn’t coming back, right?

EA: Bridget, you know these are questions that I can’t answer. I will answer them, on your television screen, Friday at 10 p.m. ET on Syfy or Space. Be there or be square. Be ready. Get your whiskey. Put on your Shorty’s shirt.

TTVJ: Then we see Doc trapped in the well again.

EA: Yeah, that sucks. That sucks for him. You know what he doesn’t love? The well. Not that anyone loves the well, but Doc in particular is like ‘Oh God, I would really prefer to not be in the well.’

TTVJ: I know! It hurt a hundred times more since we now know his story of why he’s claustrophobic.

EA: I know, about his mom and that the torture was chosen specifically for him.

TTVJ: Yeah, thanks for that.

EA: You’re welcome. It’s a pretty terrible, terrible fate I would say.

TTVJ: Doc still knew who Wynonna was though, while the others didn’t. Why is it that he remembers? Does this mean that Wynonna might just be trapped somewhere as well?

EA: Part of the reason he seems to remember who Wynonna is is because he grabbed the trophy at the very moment the spell was cast. For your second question, I’m not saying anything. Nice try. So far I’ve answered one of your 27 questions.

TTVJ: Where the heck has Bobo been? We saw him come back at the end of Episode 208, but haven’t seen him since.

EA: Bridget, you have to watch the entire season. It’s a rich tapestry of answers and delicious satisfaction. I just want to keep you engaged. I don’t want you to get bored. I’m taking you on a journey.

TTVJ: When Bobo came back you said you didn’t want us to think we were starting back at Season 1, but if Wynonna isn’t around and the demons are, is that sort of what’s happening here?

EA: Again, I think you have to watch the next episode to see what’s going to happen.

TTVJ: I will say my prediction is that Bobo will save Doc from the well.

EA: Well, that’s interesting. He certainly owes him because he had the opportunity to save him earlier.

TTVJ: I don’t usually make predictions, but I’ll go on record for that.

EA: OK, are we putting a bet on this thing? Whoever is right buys the other a shrimp cocktail at Dragon Con! Either way, someone gets a shrimp cocktail, which seems like a no lose bet to me.

TTVJ: I got excited because I thought we were going to see the return of the Blacksmith from Season 1, but instead it was her twin who wasn’t so nice. What made you want to revisit that character and are we going to see more of Greta?

EA: We are definitely going to see more of Greta. We really love Rachael Ancheril. We absolutely love her. I think she’s gorgeous, so fun and fits in really well with the cast. I really like the idea of these people on the fringes of Purgatory, or in the Ghost River Triangle, who also have supernatural abilities. I like the idea that it’s a place that attracts people of all sort of abilities, both the demonic and paranormal, or people with witchy abilities.

I thought by getting rid of the Blacksmith we had lost a character that was valuable, but bringing back in somebody who has certain abilities was really useful to the team. Also, unfortunately using your expectations of that beloved character, and turning them on their head, is an Andras special. I just love doing things like that. You, along with Waverly and the Earp girls, expect her to be benevolent, but in fact she has her own agenda, her own motivations, and her own malicious intent. It’s just good storytelling. I say good, you may say frustrating, but exciting!

One thing I really like about Wynonna Earp is that the curse is both literal and metaphorical. Literally Wynonna is cursed, but also all her actions in trying to break the curse have consequences. Even the ones she doesn’t intend to have consequences have consequences. She is somehow on the hook for all her actions, even when she tries to do good. So the fact that the Blacksmith got caught in the crossfire, and got killed because Constance Clootie was determined to find Waverly Earp, I like that we can never just shut the door on that chapter. We need to be aware that there might be someone else out there that wants their own revenge, their own vengeance. If this was Greta’s story, she would have a very different opinion of the Earp sisters. The idea that one person’s hero is another another person’s villain is a huge theme of Wynonna Earp. I kind of understand Greta because from her perspective the Earp sisters got her sister killed, and didn’t really care. That’s interesting.

TTVJ: There was a whole lot of talk about iron in this episode — it was poisoning Nicole’s blood, we met the Iron Witch — is it safe to assume the plate is made of iron? Is that important to note?

EA: It is absolutely not safe to assume that, but the plate exists. We are getting to the end so everything is top secret.

TTVJ: Once again, I found myself chanting “MVP! MVP!” when Nedley was on screen. He really came through this week. It’s so great to see him integrating more and more with the team and everyone realizing they need to work together.

EA: He was so good and I love that he has his own code of honor. Wynonna Earp is the biggest pain his butt, but he still knows that what she stands for is right for the town, and he’ll be damned if some demon bitch is going to take it out on him. I absolutely love Nedley. He’s also my mom’s favorite character, so she was so worried he was going to die this week. I was really happy he made it, although fairly banged up and bruised. Talk about a character who has hidden depths and his own integrity. I really love that and I buy from Nedley that he’s a genuine person who has survived in this town because of his own rules of conduct, his dignity, and his own code of honor. But he still thinks these guys are idiots, which I also love.

TTVJ: “Give me back my Nedley!” That was so great.

EA: She’s like “no one is going to torture him but me!”

TTVJ: Tim always looks like he is having so much fun when he gets to shoot things.

EA: Oh, he’s so happy! He was so excited about that stunt and I said ‘are you sure you can do this?’ He said ‘try to stop me!’ He was so so happy. He was excited, and my favorite thing about Tim is that he’s like me, he just does not play it cool. You know when he’s excited about something, but I’m the same way and have no cool factor. I love what I love and refuse to shut up about it, so we bond about that.

TTVJ: One surprising thing to come out of this week is that we learned that Haught has a wife. Will that come back and will we see WayHaught have a discussion about this?

EA: I would say it’s going to come back and that WayHaught has a lot to discuss. I like this for Nicole, and it gave a shade on her backstory that she was a very adventurous person. She was a very athletic person and met someone, got caught up in the fever of a romance. I also think it was already over, which Shay basically says to Waverly. I think the important thing is that we saw, through everyone’s actions, how much Nicole and Waverly love each other. There’s no doubt about that. There’s some really fun stuff next episode and if you’re a WayHaught fan I think you’ll really love it. If you truly believe in the destiny of this couple, then I’d say 211 is a good episode for you. The WayHaught ship is coming in, along rocky shores, but I would have faith.

TTVJ: It was interesting that Shay said “wife” and not “ex-wife.”

EA: That was interesting! But she also said it was basically over, right? There will be some answers and some closure on that.

TTVJ: Speaking of Haught’s family members, we also met Calamity Jane this week. That was a fun nod for fans and what was that cat like? Total professional or bit of a diva?

EA: The cat was amazing! This is the whole Wynonna writers formula: we give some gifts and we take away some stuff. I knew this was going to be a really tricky episode, but we thought it was time to introduce the cat. Casting the cat was this whole critical thing, knowing we had to get the perfect cat. As soon as we laid eyes on that ginger beauty we were like ‘of course that’s the cat!’ The cat was such a pro and like the Meryl Streep of cats. The cat hit its mark, meowed exactly on cue, and looked beautiful. Completely upstaged Mel and Tim, obviously. The cat was perfect. I could do a whole cat spinoff. I’m ready.

TTVJ: We already have the Pussy Willows Christmas special, so now we have something with the cat.

EA: That’d be great! A Wynonna Earp kids spinoff: The Adventures of Calamity Jane: Cat Extraordinaire.

TTVJ: I realize at the moment Wynonna is missing, but what kind of repercussions will Waverly not trusting Wynonna’s promise have for the Earp sisters?

EA: I feel like this was the first time that Waverly had betrayed Wynonna in a huge way. It’s going to have massive repercussions on every one of our characters and where we’re at in the season. She gave the enemy the weapon they need to complete their task. She gave Widow Beth the third seal. It’s horribly bad news, but I think we all understand why Waverly did it because she adores Haught. It was a no-win situation. I found it interesting that Dolls said if you don’t have a solution, maybe we just do this to save the people we love, and then figure it out down the road.

Yeah, wherever Wynonna is, Waverly has done something massively horrible to her. The worst part is, I’m not even sure Waverly remembers it at this point.

TTVJ: They are very important to me and that hurt a lot! Their faces hurt a lot!

EA: Oh, I know! Wynonna’s face when she realizes what Waverly has done! Just again to give a shout out to Melanie Scrofano, performer of a generation, is that when I was watching that scene and you see Wynonna’s face fall, as she’s putting it all together in her head, it was another face I had never seen Melanie make. It was a whole new hurt and betrayal face. Where are you coming up with these incredible faces? I was so heartbroken! It was so sad and what Waverly had done is so terrible. If she had just waited 10 more minutes they could’ve saved Nicole.

TTVJ: I know!

EA: But we’ve also been with Waverly, watching Nicole fail, so we understand why she did it. And she got tricked, right? Poor Waverly has had such a hell of a season. She should just be in a hammock in Season 3.

TTVJ: You mentioned that Dolls understood how Waverly was feeling, and that’s why he told her to hand over the seal, but I found that moment pretty suspicious. It just seemed odd that he was so chill about handing over that seal.

EA: Huh? That is very interesting. I’m swirling brandy in my brandy snifter as you say that. That’s all I’ll say about that.

TTVJ: Can we expect the Widows to keep causing trouble? I mean Beth-face Widow has the seal, but will Mercedes escape Silence of the Lambs?

EA: I’d say you should never count out the Widows. The most important thing right now is that Widow Beth has the ring, and is headed for the burnt down chapel, but Widow Mercedes is nothing but a survivor.

TTVJ: We have only two episodes left and I really don’t know what I should be most worried about. There’s so many things and it changes week to week. How can you possibly tie up all these mysteries in two episodes?

EA: I’m very proud of the way this season is bookended. It’s not perfect. Nothing ever is, but I feel like hopefully you get the answers to things you want to get answers to. It’s surprising and a lot more things are linked than you may suspect. Anything that is left up in the air is only something to look forward to in Season 3. You will be satisfied with a lot of answers, but all through the Wynonna Earp craziness. These last two are blistering, they are insane, and super fun. I’m really proud of them. I think they’ll make you laugh, cry, and tell at least 10 other people to watch the show.

TTVJ: Specifically, what can we expect from Episode 211?

EA: Even though Wynonna is missing, I feel like 211 is such a fun episode. It’s the last fun episode before the finale, which is way more intense. It’s still insane, but I really think it speaks to destiny and whatever reality you’re in that love is important and friendship is important. Maybe there’s a sense that this group of people are meant to be together in whatever reality they are in.

After you pick your jaw up off the floor let us know what you think is going on and what happens next in the comments below!

Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on Syfy and Space.


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