Wynonna Earp Postmortem: Emily Andras Talks “Waiting Forever For You”

*** Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared on The TV Junkies and has been republished here with the consent of its author and Emily Andras. ***

*** This article contains major spoilers for the Wynonna Earp Season 3 episode “Waiting Forever For You” ***

Put on your best outfit and take one more glance in the mirror because it was date night in Purgatory on this week’s Wynonna Earp! However, as is usually the case in Purgatory, things didn’t go as planned and the lovely Big Gay Dinner that Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) and Nicole (Katherine Barrell) prepped at the Homestead got rudely interrupted by a resurrected Constance Clootie. Viewers continue to get more insight into Bulshar (Jean Marchand) and a huge part of that was revealed to Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) and her gang by the end of the episode. As it turns out, the Garden of Eden is actually in the Ghost River Triangle. What this means remains to be seen, but at least now Wynonna knows what she may be up against.

We also saw some of Constance Clootie in flashbacks as Wynonna and Kate (Chantel Riley) finally sat down and had it out a bit. Kate revealed how she met Doc (Tim Rozon) and fell in love with him so much so that when Clootie cursed him she became a vampire so she could keep looking for him. Will what Kate revealed to Wynonna change her mind at all about Doc’s own decision to vamp out? As she does every week, Wynonna Earp showrunner Emily Andras joins The TV Junkies to break down everything that happened in this week’s episode, written by Caitlin D. Fryers and directed by Grant Harvey.

The TV Junkies: After some big character episodes, you really hit us full force with mythology this week and we found out that the Garden of Eden is in the Ghost River Triangle.

Emily Andras: Apparently. Allegedly. Allegedly!

TTVJ: What does this mean for Wynonna that now she at least knows what Bulshar is after?

EA: I guess if a big bald demon wanted to get in the Garden of Eden, which kinda happened to be in my backyard, it’s probably not a great idea to let him get in there. I’d probably have to stop him. First off, what’s up with the Ghost River Triangle, man? It’s a whole lot of everything and is just crazy, right? Like anything though, knowing is always better than not knowing, until you know and then are like ‘oh shit! This is so much worse than I thought it was going to be.’

TTVJ: Just like Bunny Loblaw! She thought she wanted to know, but nope!

EA: Yes, just like Bunny Loblaw. You think you want to know, but you don’t want to know.

TTVJ: We’ve seen Peacemaker turn blue in the past, which we again saw this week when Wynonna killed Constance Clootie.

EA: Good job, Bridget! Excellent eye! I think it’s very telling and we’ve seen Peacemaker turn blue three times, once per season — or at least so far this season. So I want to hear fan theories on why they think the gun turns blue.

TTVJ: Why did you want to bring back the character of Constance Clootie?

EA: She is such a delicious villain. I thought it was interesting that she had such a strong connection to Bulshar, having been one of his wives, and I thought it was interesting to take someone we know as a delicious enemy and up the ante, in so far as Bulshar’s own villainery is concerned because he seemed able to control this once fierce witch. He’s supposed to be the one that everybody, including Constance Clootie, is scared of. She was married to him, had two kids with him and the fact that he could resurrect her and control her helped showcase the expanse of Bulshar’s power.

It also almost made us feel sorry for Constance Clootie that this once proud witch had been reduced to basically Bulshar’s meat puppet. That felt very old fashioned and patriarchal in a way that Wynonna could recognize as what she’s fighting against. That’s what Bulshar represents — both in his curses, his power and vanity to Wynonna. I felt that we weren’t done with her and had more story to tell with her. I do think she’s pretty done now… or is she?

TTVJ: She looked well done to me.

EA: Well done. Exactly.

TTVJ: Obviously Bulshar’s ring getting stuck on Waverly is not a good thing. However, since the ring keeps coming back to Nicole, and now is stuck on Waverly, is this further proof of WayHaught’s connection?

EA: Look at you! Sneaky sneaky B Train. Multiple people have tried on the ring and it hasn’t gotten stuck. So the fact that it got stuck on her isn’t the best. Could be!

Also, what you should be concentrating on as far as WayHaught’s connection is how those two will always fight for eachother — even in the face of potato licking! It’s one thing to have a supernatural connection, but I think what everyone is searching for here and now is that they have found each other in this crazy world, Bridget.

TTVJ: We got a lot of flashbacks with lots of information this week and a lot about Doc and Kate’s past. Now Kate has taken off though, but please tell us, is it the last we’ve seen of her?

EA: I kind of like that Kate left. I like that Kate came for Doc, but once she realized that Doc just couldn’t commit and was maybe in love with someone else, she was like ‘I’m not going to stick around for this guy.’ But is this the last we’ve seen of Kate? I’ll have to consult the Tarot cards and get back.

TTVJ: It was really nice seeing Wynonna and Kate talk a lot this episode because I feel under different circumstances that they could’ve really gotten along.

EA: I thought they were amazing together. I love seeing those two wild and crazy, strong women together.

TTVJ: I loved the shot of them sitting together at the table just pointing the guns at one another.

EA: Oh I know! It’s beautiful, eh? Kudos to our director Grant Harvey. I also liked when they were getting really tired and circling each other with the knives. They have so much chemistry. It’s funny because I find that both Melanie and Chantel have chemistry with everybody so of course putting them together is delightful. It’s no surprise really because Doc is drawn to strong women and these two do have a lot in common, and not just Doc. They are both wild, don’t want to be tied down, very opinionated and slightly out of time. I love all that.

TTVJ: I found it interesting that Wynonna learned more about Doc through Kate. Will any of that change her mind and what’s it mean for her relationship with Doc moving forward?

EA: I can’t really say. Aren’t Doc and Wynonna dead? Didn’t they get attacked by Bulshar? It’s over.

I don’t know if Kate’s story about Doc made Doc seem particularly heroic, to be honest. It sort of did but it also showed how selfish he can be. If anything Doc was even more doing whatever he wanted in the past. Did you feel like that?

TTVJ: Yes, he clearly wasn’t the best in the flashbacks and we’ve seen that from him before. However, Kate also tells Wynonna she became a vampire to be with Doc and go find Doc and that now he’s doing the same thing for Wynonna.

EA: Well, and I think that’s true because it’s a big deal for Kate to admit that she’s been bested and that she sees something in the way Doc is behaving for Wynonna that she could never get out of him. Wynonna has her own opinions though on why Doc did what he did. Right now though they are in trouble and not in a great place.

TTVJ: It was also nice to start to see how Doc is going to have to deal with being a vampire and some of the ugly side effects, like where to get meals. Why did you want to make sure to show that and will we continue to get to see him struggle with that?

EA: As per usual, Doc has not thought any of this through. I don’t think he understood what being a vampire means, or if he did he just threw caution in the wind at the moment. I think it’s really important to establish in our world on Wynonna Earp what vampirism looks like and feels like. Obviously, we’ve seen Kate and Doc walking around the sunlight so that’s not going to be a big deal on our show. But they are certainly driven to drink blood, can be staked and there are some rules. What are those rules? That compelling hunger and sensuality is such an integral part of the vampire myth that it wouldn’t have seemed legitimate if we hadn’t showcased it. It’s going to be interesting to see how often or if that impulse gets in the way of Doc wanting to do the right thing.

TTVJ: It was fun this episode to see Jeremy and Wynonna interacting. I’m not sure we have seen those two alone a lot in the past. What do you like about them together?

EA: I think after Dolls died they had to work through their issues and Wynonna had to stop threatening to kick Jeremy off the team. I think that’s all been resolved and he’s certainly earned his spot. In a weird way too, those two don’t have the same baggage with one another. They aren’t related, haven’t slept together and never will, and so there’s an honesty to their relationship that’s a relief on some level. So they can just gossip and snark about the others and where they’re at.

I also really liked that Wynonna was showing Jeremy how to play pool. She’s just such a cool girl and he’s a more sheltered dude. So it was a fun role reversal. It’ll be interesting to see if Jeremy grows into someone who is a more trusted scientist or figure like what Black Badge was. I just like that they can hang out without that loaded past or things unsaid — even Wynonna and Nicole have history and so many expectations. I just like the friendship between Jeremy and Wynonna. It feels fresh and easy.

TTVJ: Speaking of Jeremy, he got to take Robin to Big Gay Dinner. Since we didn’t get to see much of that before everything was interrupted, is there any chance we get another one day?

EA: I would love to do an annual Big Gay Dinner – BGD! I would do all the meals. Breakfast – BGB. Lunch – BGL. BGMS which is Big Gay Midnight Snack. Of course, if we work really hard we can have Big Gay Brunch. I just like that they were having this cute double date and that Nicole and Waverly would want to make Jeremy’s new flame feel welcome. If people can send me dinner menus for the BGD that would be most appreciated. Maybe we can throw some!

TTVJ: Prior to the dinner, we got the moment many have been waiting for and Robin licked the potato! How did that moment come about? Who is responsible for thinking ‘you know what? We should lick a potato!’?

EA: The person who is responsible is Brendon Yorke. He thought it was so hilarious and insisted it would be so funny. Caitlin then fell in love with it and said we had to do it. It did seem very specific and odd, but not so odd that you’d call the police. So that’s good but also a hilarious story to tell about someone’s new boyfriend who has come to dinner. It feels like it could happen and it would be really, really weird, but again not so evil or heinous that you’d bail on the BGD. So honestly, kudos to Brendon and Caitlin because it struck the perfect note and the fandom just loved it. The outtakes of Justin Kelly and Dominique trying to get through that scene are hilarious. They basically can’t because every time Justin licks the potato one of them bursts out laughing.

TTVJ: You guys were like ‘Justin, welcome to Wynonna. Now lick this potato!’

EA: We literally were like ‘welcome to Wynonna and now lick this potato!’ Oh first touch this murder tree and then taste the murder tree. Eat these vegan snacks. Lick a potato and go in the corner. Oh and also put this green goo in your mouth! Just like what you do in theater school. It’s just like King Lear.

TTVJ: You’re right, licking the potato I can get past but it’s more when he’s in the corner, shirtless and scratching his arms.

EA: That’s kind of it, right? This guy is odd and we should talk about it. I agree. However, by the time he’s in the barn Clootie was on her way and events are in motion.

TTVJ: Between licking the potato and then Clootie flicking off Doc with her detached arm I did pause and think ‘what is this show?’

EA: Is it your first day watching this show? Did you hit your head and not remember what Wynonna Earp is?

TTVJ: It seemed like Wynonna was just having fun with Charlie but that maybe turned more serious this week as they went on a date. However, I’m still having a hard time trusting him when he continues to be so chill with all this craziness happening around him.

EA: That’s fine if you don’t trust him. You don’t trust him because you love Doc Holliday. I’m sure there are a lot of people watching who feel the same way. He’s sort of chill, but is he? I don’t know. We have to stay tuned and see. It is telling that Purgatory has a weird reputation. I think a lot of people arrive already having heard the rumors and stories. Maybe some people are more amenable than others. Nicole Haught always knew something was up and then she was super chuffed when someone finally told her what was going on. She didn’t freak out and run down the street screaming. She was like ‘yay! Good! Now I’m part of it.’

But that’s fine, Bridget. That’s fine if you don’t like Charlie. He maybe just likes Wynonna and she maybe just needs a guy that likes her and admires her.

TTVJ: What can you tell us about next week?

EA: Potato licking time is over and everybody knows what that means. It’s one of my favorite episodes of this season. It’s directed by April Mullen and written by potato-licking mastermind Brendon Yorke. Things get super intense and we see a Wynonna that we haven’t seen before. Wynonna and Doc are also in so much trouble. It’s going to be good!

What did you think of this week’s episode? Add your thoughts below!

Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on SYFY and Space Channel.


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