Earp Soon Giveaway

  Thanks to @Kid_Earper for allowing us to use her image above.

From the #FightForWynonna, which began in February 2019, to the #Win4Wynonna, which was announced in July 2019, to the recent news that our beloved Wynonna Earp cast and crew will be going back to Calgary to begin filming season 4 in January 2020 it’s been one heck of an emotional rollercoaster ride over for all of us over the past 12 months!

As a way to say thank you for all of your help and support, we have six separate giveaways over the coming weeks in our Earp Soon Giveaway.

Many of these items are either limited editions, rare autographed items or just very cool items that we think Earpers everywhere will love an opportunity to possibly win. Some of these items are ones that Bonnie and I purchased as giveaways. However, most of them came from fellow Earpers. These folks asked us to give away these items on their behalf. They wanted to see other Earpers get a chance to have something special. This is yet another example of how awesome our Earper family is! All of these giveaways are open to Earpers no matter where you live. Our wonderful Patreon supporters have helped to provide us with the funds so that we can pay to ship these items anywhere in the world.

Along with celebrating the cast and crew’s return to Calgary to begin filming season 4 we also need to remember that each of us should always be recruiting new viewers for the show. More viewers gives us a greater chance for more Earp in the future!

With that in mind here’s how you can enter these giveaways.

During each of the giveaways (giveaway items and dates will be at the bottom of this post) we want you to create a post on social media (Twitter, Facebook or Instagram) where you talk about why you love Wynonna Earp and why you think other folks should check it out on Netflix. Please be sure to also include the hashtag #EarpSoonGiveaway. After you do that follow the steps below to enter each giveaway.

How to Enter Each Of The Giveaways:

To enter the giveaway send an email to giveaway@wynonnaearpfans.com using the subject title: Earp Soon Giveaway and include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Your home town and country
  • A link to your #EarpSoonGiveaway post so we can view it to confirm that you qualify
  • The giveaway item that you are entering to win

The dates for each giveaway will be listed at the bottom of this blog post. Remember that you need to enter each giveaway separately by making your social media post during the time that each giveaway is running. The entry deadline for each giveaway ends at midnight Eastern US on the last day of each giveaway. (see the dates below)

One entry per person during each of the giveaways. These giveaways are open to all Earpers residing anywhere in the world! Read on for the fine print and contest details…

Contest Rules

Submitting your email with the information in the Eligible Entry section below permits your name to be entered in a random drawing where one (1) winner will win the item from that specific giveaway.

Eligible Entry:
1. Your First and Last Name
2. Your Email Address
3. Your Home Town and Country
4. A link to your #EarpSoonGiveaway social post done during that specific giveaway
5. The giveaway item that you are entering to win

Any entry not containing these five pieces of information will not be considered in the drawing.

You can submit your entry here:

The winning entries will be selected based on a random drawing from all valid submissions. One entry per person during each of the giveaways. The winners will be announced on the @WynonnaFans and @WynonnaEarpPod Twitter accounts and also notified via email.


Giveaway #1 running from Dec 13, 2019 through Dec 17, 2019. 

An Earp sister signed print (12″x15″) created by @Kate_Trish and donated by @ValconyTron.

Giveaway #2 running from Dec 19, 2019 through Dec 23, 2019. 

A Lora Innes “Earp Square” print (14″x24″) which was exclusively available at Earp Expo 2019.

Giveaway #3 running from Dec 26, 2019 through Dec 30, 2019. 

A Fortnite Funko Pop signed by Emily Andras and donated by @tvwithapb.

Giveaway #4 running from Jan 2, 2020 through Jan 6, 2020. 

An Earp sister photo signed by Mel and Dom that was taken by and donated by @dutchstarbuck. This unique photo was taken at Eh Con Canada 2019.

Giveaway #5 running from Jan 8, 2020 through Jan 12, 2020. 

A set of Wynonna Earp character prints created by and donated by @LoraInnes. These prints are 12″x18″. Lora said she might even add a bonus print for the winner as well!

Giveaway #6 running from Jan 14, 2020 through Jan 18, 2020. 

A prize bundle from the IDW Bad Day At Black Rock Kickstarter campaign. This prize bundle includes a Wynonna Earp season 2 Blu-ray (plays on Blu-ray players all around the world), the Bad Day At Black Rock graphic novel, a set of 4 Doc Holliday saloon-style coasters and a WayHaught pin.

Giveaway #7 running from Jan 20, 2020 through Jan 24, 2020. 

A Kat Barrell signed photo that was taken by and donated by @dutchstarbuck. This unique photo was taken at Eh Con Canada 2019.


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