Sharing Earper Creations – #EarperCreations

One of the first things you notice after joining Twitter and looking through tweets on the Wynonna Earp hashtag, #WynonnaEarp, is that there are A LOT of very talented Earpers who are creating things themed around the show that other fans can enjoy. These Earper creations come in a wide variety of forms. Just a few of them include…

  • Earp merchandise
  • fan art
  • articles
  • fan fiction
  • podcasts
  • fan videos
  • episode recaps
  • reaction videos

Many of these allow you to get more out of the show while others are a great way to show off your love and support for the show. With so many different people creating Earp related content it can sometimes be hard to find it so we’d like to recommend that folks use a new hashtag, #EarperCreations, whenever they share something that a fellow Earper has created. 

Whether it’s a tee shirt, sticker, article, fan art, podcast or other creation please consider using the #EarperCreations hashtag to help other Earpers discover some awesome Earp content!


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