Fans CAN Help Wynonna Earp Get a Season 2!

Unless you have a Nielsen box, you may believe that there is little you can do as a fan to help improve ratings. As a result, you may feel powerless as you watch your favorite shows get cancelled time and time again. Buffy the Vampire Slayer – GONE. Veronica Mars – GONE. Lost Girl – GONE. Firefly – GONE. You get the point.

Yet fans actually have more power than they realize – especially in today’s modern world. In the past, the only way networks had to count viewers was through a Nielsen box. But these days, only about 25,000 households actually have a Nielsen box and there are more than 116 million households with a TV in the U.S.  Now, they have dozens of ways to monitor a show, the level of fandom, and the number of viewers.

The TV Networks Are Watching You NOW! 

TV networks like Syfy can easily see how many people pay for and download a show through various websites like Hulu, iTunes, and even their own website. The number of downloads and views are often recorded by television networks and may actually influence their decisions about whether or not to keep a particular show on the air.

Networks also look at social media trends, including how many people are talking about the show on Twitter, Facebook, and other websites. Hashtag trends are exceptional too – as they tend to show a positive and passionate fan base that networks get excited about.

What Can YOU Do Now to Help Wynonna Earp Ratings?

  1. Watch Legally – Watch the show as many times as you like – but try to do so on the website or from Hulu or iTunes. They absolutely keep track of how many people are visiting the Wynonna Earp page and viewing the episodes from their site.
  2. Visit Often – If you want to see a particular video clip or picture- first check the website to see if they have the clip or image you are looking for. The more viewers that visit the website the better!
  3. Watch LIVE – If you have a Nielsen box then ABSOLUTELY watch the show LIVE!
  4. DVR & Watch Over Again – If you have a DVR, be sure you watch the DVR episode within 48 hours so that it counts towards the ratings.
  5. Live Tweet & Trend – LIVE Tweet with the cast on Friday nights and help us trend #WynonnaEarp. One hashtag per tweet is the best, two is okay, but any more than that won’t count towards trending. Also, RT count like tweets so RT as much as you can during the hour. Likes or favorites don’t count toward trending, sadly.
Wynonna Earp on Syfy
Wynonna Earp on Syfy

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