Wynonna Earp Events At Dragon Con 2016

One of the world’s largest fan run conventions, Dragon Con, with over 70,000 attendees is coming up over Labor Day weekend in early September in Atlanta, GA. I’ve (aka Kevin) attended this convention annually for the past eleven years and it’s a blast! While there haven’t been any Wynonna Earp cast members announced as guests (at least not as of 8/1) we do know that there will be some Wynonna Earp fan events taking place during the con.

The Dragon Con Urban Fantasy track will be doing a moderated fan discussion panel where several fans, including myself, will be discussing the show. This panel is tentatively scheduled for Friday (9/2) from 1pm – 2pm in Chastain DE in the Westin hotel.

We will also be doing an official Earper meet up as well! This event is tentatively scheduled to take place from 4pm – 5pm on Sunday (9/4) in Chastain I in the Westin hotel. We working on a trivia contest and some cool prizes. It will be a casual setting so you can talk and hang out with fellow Earpers.

Both of these events are official events taking place at the con so a con badge will be required in order to attend either of these events.

To keep up with the Dragon Con Urban Fantasy track, their events, their schedule, etc. please use one these options…

Dragon Con Urban Fantasy track Facebook page
Dragon Con Urban Fantasy track Twitter account

You can also feel free to reach out to Kevin on Twitter at @WynonnaEarpPod.

If you’re new to Dragon Con you might find it helpful to review some of the resources for newbies over at DragonConNewbies.org.

Please consult the printed schedule and/or the official convention app for smartphones for the latest on the schedule.

Thank you and looking forward to seeing you at the con!


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