Wynonna Earp Panel at Fan Expo 2016


It was recently announced that several members of the Wynonna Earp cast will be attending Fan Expo Canada in Toronto over Labor Day weekend coming up here in September. As of right now, Melanie Scrofano (Wynonna), Tim Rozon (Doc) and Dominique Provost-Chalkley (Waverly) will be joining showrunner Emily Andras to talk all about Season 1 and look ahead about what may be in store for Season 2. I’ll (aka Bridget Liszewski) be traveling to TO for the convention (and to moderate the panel!), and while I’ve never been before, I have been able to gather some information that those of you headed to see the panel may need. Hopefully I can also answer a few questions you may have.


The Wynonna Earp cast Q&A panel will be taking place Saturday, September 3, 2016 at 4:30 pm ET at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre located in Downtown Toronto. According to the Fan Expo schedule, the panel will be located in Room 701A in the South Building. The South Building is located at 222 Bremner Blvd in Downtown TO. As a reminder, please be sure to consult the official schedule on the day of the panel to ensure there have been no last minute changes.

Room Capacity

According to the Convention Centre’s website, Room 701A looks to hold about 500 people. I have been told that media and attendees with physical disabilities also get priority access.

Lining Up

Unlike some other cons, you cannot get into the room early in the morning and stay there all day. The room will be cleared after every panel. There is a screening in the same room as the Wynonna panel right before and thus expect that to be cleared before you can enter for the cast Q&A. However, I have been told (unofficially) there’s no limit as to how early you can start lining up for a specific panel.

Autograph sessions

Due to Wynonna Earp’s panel being announced so close to the actual convention date there will be no official autograph signings and photo ops. However, a free signing and photo op session will take place immediately following the panel in the same room (No special ticket or drawing necessary). There is another sessions currently scheduled for 6 p.m. in the same room, so I’ve heard that the panel itself will last around 40 minutes and there will be around 40 minutes for the signing.

Wifi Access

I have been told (again unofficially!) that there is Wifi at the Convention Centre. However, due to so many people trying to get on it, you may not actually be able to connect. Please keep that in mind and plan accordingly!

Fan Meetup Time/Location

Thanks to several VERY hepful Earpers who will be attending Fan Expo, there will be an unofficial Earper Fan Meetup immediately following the panel on Saturday, September 3. The meetup will aim to start around 6:05 p.m.– basically whenever people can make their way over immediately following the panel/signing. The meeting will take place Olympic Park, which is located right outside the South Building, and you do not need a ticket to Fan Expo to attend this event. For now there’s no backup location should it rain, but we’ll update this post as soon as any other information is available. No one from the Wynonna Earp cast/crew is slated to attend the meetup, it’s merely fans looking to meet one another, but you also never know what could happen! If you have any other questions/concerns related to the fan meetup you can reach out to Sally from Fangirl Shirts or myself.


More information

For more information and in order to keep up with the latest Fan Expo happenings you can follow along with the:

Fan Expo Twitter account

Fan Expo Facebook page


Please feel free to reach out to Bridget on Twitter at: @BridgetOnTV
Looking forward to seeing all the Eapers at the con!


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