Wynonna Earp Postmortem: Emily Andras Talks “Whiskey Lullaby”

*** Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared on The TV Junkies and has been republished here with the consent of its author and Emily Andras. ***

*** This article contains major spoilers for the Wynonna Earp Season 2 episode “Whiskey Lullaby”***

“But what happens now?” That was the question on Wynonna Earp’s mind, as well as many fans, after the big reveal last week that the supernatural gunslinger was pregnant. As it turns out, there’s still quite a bit we don’t know. This week’s Wynonna Earp, “Whiskey Lullaby,” written by Caitlin Fryers and directed by April Mullen, did double down on Earp sister moments, as Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) pushed Wynonna for answers, and consoled her during a heartbreaking moment at the end of the episode. While we still don’t know who (or what) the father may be, Doc (Tim Rozon) made it perfectly clear that he thinks it’s him, and he’s ready to be there for Wynonna.

Elsewhere, the pregnancy put things in perspective for Dolls (Shamier Anderson), who seemed to also conclude that Doc must be the father, as he seemingly bowed out of the race. Of course, this wouldn’t be Wynonna Earp without some sort of demons running about, and Wynonna certainly had her hands full with the Widows. While she temporarily stopped the duo from endangering everyone in town, another seal has been broken. Showrunner Emily Andras once again joined The TV Junkies for our weekly postmortem to break it all down and hint at where things go from here.

The TV Junkies: That ending was the ultimate Earp sisters moment — and Melanie was so perfect in it — but why do you never let Wynonna catch a break?

Emily Andras: She’s just so real and lots of women have challenges in their life like that, but I’d give my right arm to have a sister like Waverly. That’s the truth, right? There’s just those people in your life that you can be that vulnerable and honest with, and I think that’s what I love most about the show. Wynonna is literally a badass superhero, but at the end of the day, she needs someone to help her, to cry with, and to be like ‘I don’t think this is fair.’ Destiny has it in for Wynonna in a weird way, right? It’s the ultimate metaphor for being a woman in 2017 on some level. She never gets to make her own choices, yet every single day she gets up and is going to try to, and that’s my favorite thing about her.

TTVJ: When Dom was wiping away her tears, I was like ‘Oh god’ and clutching my chest.

EA: Well, you know, so much of that, too, is that those two love each other so much. Dom has done great all year and she’s so incredible, but what I love about those two actresses together is that they are so generous that they know when to get out of the way. I feel like Dom was just watching what Mel was doing in awe. A lot of those feelings were that what Mel did was so extraordinary, that Dom was really in it as Waverly. You really want to wipe Wynonna/Mel’s tears away, and that’s harder than you think to be that supporting character. But can we PLEASE just get Melanie Scrofano an Emmy already? She’s so good.

TTVJ: I really loved that there was tension between them earlier in the episode, but then we saw them work through it. When Waverly says “I’m not saying it’s going to be OK. I’m just saying I’m here.” I was like “Ahhh!” That’s when I was screaming.

EA: Were you screaming because you were frustrated or because you were like ‘I love Waverly so much!’?

TTVJ: It was so many feelings! So many feelings!

EA: I know, so many feelings, but it’s good to have feelings! I want to make you feel things on Friday nights.

TTVJ: Well, you’re getting to be pros at ending episodes with lots of feelings. Along those lines, we also had Doc’s note. It was so simple, yet so powerful. Does this mean he’s the father or is he just saying he’ll be there?

EA: I think he is presuming he’s the father. I think he definitely means he’s going to be there no matter what, but I would say once again, we are barely farther along than we were last week in actual answers about the pregnancy, right? We don’t know, but I would say if you stay tuned, we are getting there. Wynonna has an unlikely ally as she goes on the journey to figure more stuff out, and that person is Nicole.

TTVJ: Oh, that’s exciting because they had some really great scenes in this episode. I know people were huge fans of their scene in Season 1 as well. Was that partially why you wanted to be sure and build that relationship this season?

EA: It’s funny, and I’ve been kind of chuckling to myself, because I see people asking for more Wynonna and Nicole, and that’s always something I really loved, these two women that are very different, but quite respectful of each other. I really just think that relationship is extremely interesting. I love the scene in the first season where they are drinking together, but the thing that has changed between them since then is that Nicole is now dating Waverly. So it also makes sense to me that Wynonna is instantly protective of her younger sister, and the person that could break her heart.

Along with that, Wynonna and Nicole are very different people. Nicole is a police officer, and Wynonna doesn’t do well with authority or the law. Likewise, Wynonna is still kind of a fuck up and drinks too much, and Nicole is very warm, but kind of straight-laced. They are just different. That being said, I think they respect each other a lot and I think there’s so much joy to be had in watching that relationship grow this year, maybe different from Waverly, but also in so far as they both love Waverly. There isn’t a relationship on the show that I don’t want to get back to, and certainly Wynaught is one of them.

TTVJ: I loved Wynonna saying, “I will judge you. I judge you unexpectedly awesome.”

EA: I think Nicole is still a badass and super principled. I really like that she sensed darkness, and every cop and female sense in her was tingling when she met Tucker, as it was with all of us. We’ve all met guys like that. She also knew she couldn’t act on those feelings in principle until he did something really bad, even though she suspected he’d eventually do something really terrible, which he did. What’s not to admire there? I really like that Nicole got to be the hero this episode.

TTVJ: The Clock Maker said that Wynonna’s baby should’ve stayed the same age, but I’m guessing this was a good way for you to fast forward through Melanie’s pregnancy. Is that an indication it may still not be all human?

EA: You say ‘good way,’ but I’m pretty sure you meant ‘brilliant way.’ I’ll just make that edit for you. I was really, really proud of this plot point because again, Melanie was already six months pregnant when we started shooting and now she’s seven months, but we only have six more episodes left to tell the story about the pregnancy. So we knew we wanted to advance the plot to match how Melanie looked, even though she’s still a beautiful goddess who looks perfect. I think there can be some debate here. Is the baby supernatural and other? Or was the situation supernatural and other? Or combination? Excellent question. [laughs]

TTVJ: Doc wasn’t the only guy proving that he’d be there for her, baby or not. Dolls made his feelings pretty clear as well. How is she going to react to his kiss?

EA: Well, it was really important to me that everybody acted a little differently to the news of her pregnancy, but also in character. I actually found the Dolls’ storyline kind of heartbreaking. At the beginning of the episode, I felt like Dolls announced his intentions to Doc, even in subtext, which was that he was sick of falling in line and finally going to pursue what he wanted, which was Wynonna. Over the course of the episode, this new information made it clear that he maybe was going to have to put his romantic feelings on hold, which is a place Dolls lives, right? He lives in a land of repression for the greater good, which is really sad.

I felt like that kiss was kind of a goodbye kiss. When he kissed her he said ‘you’re really amazing. You’re a really amazing agent, Earp.’ He had even been calling her ‘Wynonna’ at the beginning of the episode and goes back to ‘Earp.’ It’s almost like the guys switched places, where like Doc was getting out of the way of Dolls, and then at the end he’s like ‘oh my god I might be the father of this woman I care about’s baby.’ It’s about as complicated as it’s ever been, but I actually found the Dolls and Wynonna story kind of romantic and sad.

TTVJ: It was a little unsettling to see Dolls smiling so much and calling her ‘Wynonna.’

EA: I know, exactly. You’re like ‘has he been possessed by the goo? I thought we were done with that storyline.’

TTVJ: However, Shamier has a magical smile.

EA: It’s actually magical. I have seen him melt flight attendants, and basically get to the front of the plane in first class just by smiling. It’s a super power for sure.

TTVJ: Wynonna was able to interrupt The Widows plan at the seal, but something tells me they aren’t going to stop trying. Where does the team go next in regards to trying to stop them?

EA: Well, she did manage to save everybody, but the seal also got broken, meaning the Widows were ultimately successful, which is not great. We also saw that Peacemaker didn’t kill the Widows, it only wounded them, so these are definitely formidable foes. We also see what they can do super power-wise, and they have this paralyzing, venomous breath that basically renders you immobile. That’s pretty terrifying and a pretty powerful weapon. I think someone mentioned there were more than two seals, so my feeling is that these girls are not good news and I don’t want to know what happens when they find the third seal and break it. I think we now realize who our enemies are this year, the clock is ticking, they’ve now taken notice of Wynonna, at the very moment she’s at her most vulnerable, so it’s going to be fraught!

TTVJ: I have to say, I’m kind of disappointed that this looks to be the end of the Stone Witch. I really wanted to see her crazy ass back at some point, even if it was really quick. Why did you put an end to that character and what repercussions will Tucker face for his actions?

EA: I put an end to that character because I think we needed to see the power of the villains that we were dealing with this year. We knew the Stone Witch was a formidable foe, so the fact that she was vanquished by Tucker and these Widows says to me that they are pretty evil and pretty capable. Look, Tucker got shot and jumped out a window, like the ultimate drama queen, into the freezing cold Alberta night. I think what we’re going to see is a body in the woods type of situation. I think the Widows realize he slipped through their grasp, but also he is off the playing field so to speak. I think Nicole did the right thing.

If anything, I think the bigger thing is that the Widows are aware of Wynonna. She’s an entity they hadn’t really been paying attention to and now, are they going to be coming for her? Are they going to be taking her on? Wynonna has to figure out that the Widows are the Gardner sisters, all of this stuff is percolating. That’s really what matters.

TTVJ: Does this affect Doc at all, because wasn’t his curse tied to the Stone Witch?

EA: That’s such an excellent question, Bridget. I’ll award 17 Earper points to you! I wonder if it will affect Doc. Maybe you should keep watching the show if you are so inclined.

TTVJ: Jeremy has been such a great addition to the team, especially since Waverly is moving out of that innocent role. Once you saw what a great job Varun was doing, did you guys start writing more for Jeremy, or was this always the plan?

EA: I’m so glad you think so. We definitely knew we wanted Jeremy as an addition to the team, but we weren’t really sure how much we were going to use him, or what he was going to be like as far as a character and where his alliances were going to lie. Then we all just fell in love with Varun because he has this new, young, fresh comedic energy. He also gives Jeremy this moral center that I love and really agree with. Waverly and Nicole have that sheer goodness of heart and that’s what it feels like. We just love what he did and he became a great addition and great comic relief. He’s also a useful character in that because he’s catching up on the dynamics of the team this year, he can speak to the audience like ‘What the hell is going? Who is sleeping with who?’ Yeah, we love Varun and I think he’s going to be a big star. Hopefully he’ll remember us when he’s in Top Gun 4.

TTVJ: It was nice to see WayHaught not dance around the tentacle in the room and discuss Gooverly. Does this mean they are doing pretty good now?

EA: I think they are doing pretty good, but I don’t know if people will pick up on that scene. We’ll have to see. I think it was really important that they talked about that. I’m not a huge fan of weird rape stories so I wanted to make it clear, and I think Nicole needed to make it clear, that when they were together in an intimate fashion, they were themselves. I think that was really important and speaks to the genuineness of their relationship. I think they are in an exceptional place right now.

TTVJ: Which means you’ll just bring the pain soon.

EA: I don’t hate angst. Look, I think it’s a tense world, people have secrets, and there’s a lot of stuff we don’t know yet. But I don’t want to take away from this moment and think it was really, really genuine. I just love the way these two act together and have chemistry off the charts! I really buy into their relationship when I’m watching. It feels so sweet, warm and I like that they are discussing things, talking about things and it’s not just physical. I think that’s going to be the key to their relationship. Yes, I would say they are in a really good place.

TTVJ: No, it is so refreshing to see people actually talk about things instead of brooding silently or pretend everything is OK.

EA: Or keep secrets from each other for no reason. At least if they are keeping secrets, I want to know why they are, that’s really important to me. Although, I am sure there’s a million times I’ve screwed that up for drama. Before people are like ‘listen,’ yeah, I know already guys, I know. Ultimately, this is a show about grown ups, grown ups fighting demons, and grown ups can make terrible mistakes. It’s not a teenage relationship. I think it needs to be a more sophisticated, mature relationship than Waverly has had before, like whatever she had with Champ, this is really next level with Nicole. This is a real, grown up romance. We knew we needed to have that conversation, and then we knew we had to have them making out, just like the cherry on top.

TTVJ: One thing I found really cool about this episode was that it was Caitlin’s first solo script, and kind of a big one. Why did you think she was ready for a solo script and why this one?

EA: Well, she definitely earned it. She was an amazing addition last year to the team and I can’t imagine doing Wynonna Earp without her now. She was instrumental in helping us find the characters and voices. She was our coordinator last year and I wrote a script with her, so she more than earned this script. She’s really good with mythology, but the other truth is that sometimes as a showrunner, it’s really good to give a really powerful, important script to someone with a little less experience because we all know what that script is. So if someone needs help, we can all help them. It’s much harder to give a conceptual script to a junior writer. It’s just good business to give your winning outlines and scripts to writers just starting out.

I really want to say this though, Caitlin had so many incredible lines and she did all the work on it. It arrived really, really solid and her first draft was incredible. I was so pleased with it. I’m really proud of her, and I’m so glad you liked it because she earned it.

TTVJ: Besides the Nicole and Wynonna mission, is there anything else we should look forward to next week?

EA: There’s a very special location that some fans have been looking for, there’s a very fun B plot with the boys that I think is delicious, and it’s just a super, super fun episode. It’s really fun and maybe another ending that will punch you in the gut, feelings-wise. It’s kind of our signature move, Bridge.

TTVJ: I should expect it now, but I still don’t. I was going to be so mad because you weren’t going to show us the note, but then you showed us the note!

EA: You have to have emotional payoff with that kind of thing. This episode is one of the only episodes this year where we don’t really have a cliffhanger because the emotional moment was so divine between them. I just thought it was delicious. I think it’s one of my Top 3 Scrofano performances on the show, ever.

TTVJ: It really felt like the ultimate Earp sisters moment. They were in a weird place all episode with Waverly being judgy, but not judgy, just worried about Wynonna.

EA: There’s a moment coming up I consider the ultimate Earp sisters moment, but that’s all I’m going to say about that. This one is definitely up there though, and I love it.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Add your thoughts in the comments below!

Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on Syfy and Space.


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