Wynonna Earp Postmortem: Emily Andras Talks “Everybody Knows”

*** Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared on The TV Junkies and has been republished here with the consent of its author and Emily Andras. ***

*** This article contains major spoilers for the Wynonna Earp Season 2 episode “Everybody Knows”***

Sometimes the best thing to do when you’re feeling down in life is to have a really good laugh. That’s what this week’s episode of Wynonna Earp felt like in many ways. After ending last week on one of the most emotional Earp sisters moments yet, Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) and the gang delivered plenty of laughs this week thanks to a fun new location, a little alcohol and an accidental curse. Yes, “Everybody Knows,” written by Brendon Yorke and directed by Paolo Barzman, had plenty of laughs to go around, while also delivering some very emotionally powerful statements along the way.

Wynonna hit the road to Pussy Willows, a local strip club, with Nicole (Katherine Barrell) in tow to find Jonas (Mark Ghanimé), who she suspected of possibly being her baby’s father. However, things didn’t go as planned when he turned out to be a revenant she had to put down, leaving many questions in her wake. Determined to raise the baby as an Earp, Wynonna was also surprised to hear Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) say she herself may not be one after all.

Elsewhere, Doc (Tim Rozon) felt the effects of the Stone Witch’s death when legendary U.S. Marshall Bass Reeves (Adrian Holmes, 19-2) attempted to arrest him. Thankfully, Dolls (Shamier Anderson) stepped in and saved him, only after an errant binding curse from Jeremy (Varun Saranga) led to some top shelf comedic antics for the Wynonna Earp men. To break everything down from this laugh-packed episode, Wynonna Earp showrunner Emily Andras once again joins us for her weekly chat.

The TV Junkies: Didn’t we agree to stop ending episodes on big Earp sisters moments that make us feel so much?

Emily Andras: WE never agreed to that! We never agreed to that and I just don’t think you should count on there not being any more. Sometimes they’ll be in the middle, or the beginning of the episode, but there’s always going to be one. When you’ve got gold you just use the gold.

TTVJ: So like we touched on last week, I’m glad to see some of these secrets getting out there and discussed. That being said, what does Waverly telling Wynonna she’s not sure she’s an Earp mean for them?

EA: They are closer than they’ve ever been. I thought it was really interesting and it felt like Waverly couldn’t hold onto this by herself anymore and she needed help. There’s been so much craziness lately that that story for Waverly had been put on the backburner, but with this new Earp coming into the world, it felt natural that Waverly couldn’t keep this a secret anymore. Where the girls take it from here is anybody’s guess. Not me, I know what happens, but anybody else.

TTVJ: We have another week and we’re still not quite sure who the father of Wynonna’s baby is, but we did meet one possibility this week. Jonas really gave Tucker a run for his money on being THE WORST.

EA:  He’s THE WORST, right? He’s so sleazy and the worst, but I love how Wynonna is just over it. She’s just like ‘you don’t get to be a part of this.’ I mean she tried to be like ‘maybe I need to do the right thing here,’ but it’s too bad because I like Mark Ghanimé. This is also tied with 208 for the coldest episode of the year, so everyone was about to die when they were filming outside. Thank you to the actors for even acting because it was so cold.

We figured out when we did the timeline that Wynonna would’ve had to gotten pregnant in the first season. It felt natural for us to look at that time period when she was at her lowest last year, which is after she had taken care of the Seven and been taken hostage in Episode 108. It felt like a little bit of a cheat because it was a flashback to something we hadn’t seen, but I also felt like it was earned because yes, I bought that Wynonna went home that night, wasn’t done drinking, tried to drown her sorrows and did something to try to make herself feel better. That something was Jonas, who just happened to be a revenant.

So we still don’t know who the father is, yet. In one corner, we have Doc who is so supportive and willing to go on board. In the other we have Jonas, a revenant who is incredibly bad news. So Wynonna makes the most Wynonna choice of all, and will raise this baby with Waverly.

TTVJ: Yes, but I’m still so worried! It’s not like they have great examples of parents to go by.

EA: Exactly, and also she has a hell of a job, Bridget. There’s a new danger, right? Now we’re bringing the revenants back on stage, and what happens if they find out there’s a new imminent Earp heir that’s going to be born? These are all things that should make you worried, and they should make you bite your nails.

TTVJ: I was kind of glad to see the revenants back this week. I know them.

EA: They are always around. We are at midseason now so we’re circling back to the Earp curse, and we’re going to tie some stuff in a bow for you, Bridget. We’re going to rip the package apart in other ways. Yea, good old revenants! Remember good old red eyes? Remember shooting with Peacemaker and getting sucked to hell? Oh, we were so young and innocent then!

TTVJ: Can I also say that the line Jonas says, about Wynonna being a whore who defeated herself by letting them inside her, made me so angry! I was just so mad.

EA: He’s the worst, but the thing I think that’s interesting is that we also see the strength that Wynonna has gained in the last year that we’ve known her. She knows she’s being baited with that line and she’s bored with it. There’s nothing that anyone can say to Wynonna that she hasn’t already said or thought to herself. She now has found worth in what she does, the choices she makes, and the family she is creating around her, as unconventional as that may be. So even though he’s awful, we needed him to be because we needed to earn her killing him, right? She is more immune to his scathing commentary than she was in Season 1, so there’s something interesting about that, too.

TTVJ: Do you notice that these chats are turning into me just yelling at you about my feelings?

EA: I like it, too! If we get a third season, I just want you to call and make dolphin noises and I’ll hang up. I will know my job is done.

TTVJ: You’re like my therapist and this is our weekly session.

EA: Good! I want everyone to feel like they’ve had a cathartic experience on Friday night.

TTVJ: My Doc-lovin’ heart has never been so happy as when we see Doc, thinking he is the father, give that speech to Wynonna about how he just wants her to be healthy and happy. How’s he going to deal with this question about who the father is? Is he going to man up the way Dolls told him to do?

EA: First of all, I want to give Tim Rozon credit for that scene when he gets choked up. I think that’s part of the reason that scene is so powerful. As we have heard from Melanie herself, Tim was so supportive of her with her pregnancy, both on and off screen, that I think that’s probably actually what Tim feels. They were in it, it was freezing, she was really pregnant. I think he was very supportive of her, but also very protective of her. I just think that’s the most amazing Tim moment, and Melanie called me and said ‘this moment is incredible.’

I think Dolls is right when he says ‘we need you to be the father.’ It’s almost not that important if he is or not, right? Everyone is going to have to bond together to help Wynonna through this. This is never going to be a conventional family setup anyways, so what Doc does next? We’ll have to see. He’s been through a lot, and his past sort of caught up to him in this episode in an interesting way and maybe gave him a chance, in a weird way, [to consider] how he is going to live his future. But that’s not to say this issue has been settled between he and Wynonna by any means.

TTVJ: There was plenty of comedy to go around because the boys had a really great comedic plot of their own. I think I laughed out loud when Jeremy jumped on Dolls’ back. Where did the idea for that subplot with them being bound together come from?

EA: Part of it was just necessity because we knew we wanted to send Wynonna and Nicole to Pussy Willows — you’re welcome — and then, we knew we wanted the boys to be together. I think it was a good dramatic choice because there was obvious tension between Doc and Dolls that Jeremy was caught in the middle of. It’s fun when two characters actually don’t want to talk to each other about the situation, mainly that Dolls is jealous that Doc may be the father, and Doc has to get the heck away from everybody because he’s being pursued by ghost assassins, as you are. It’s fun to then force them to be stuck together, right? It’s the worst possible thing that could happen and it’s also good motivation to keep them together, even though they clearly have their own agendas at this point in time.

It was just a fun, goofy B plot way to ratchet up the comedy, but also the stakes. I really like the guys together and all that bromance stuff. I think it’s really fun and I think Jeremy is such a good addition. I like that he’s caught in the middle and can commentate on the situation and make judgement calls, whether they are being requested or not.

TTVJ: Jeremy was fun on the stakeout with Dolls, and it was nice to see Varun and Shamier paired together.

EA: Yeah, I thought they were really good. Once again, it’s fun to kind of mix it up and put different characters together. That’s one of my favorite things to do on Wynonna because the cast is so strong. I really like unusual pairings, and there’s some that we haven’t done yet that are coming up later in the season people can look forward to.

TTVJ: You had some fun Canadian TV talent guesting this week. I really like Adrian Holmes and Bass Reeves was a great character to bring into the fold because we got some insight into Dolls. I know he was a real person, but why did you guys want to bring that character into the show?

EA: I think it was interesting to remind ourselves that Doc Holliday was not always a good man, and not every supernatural creature we meet is a bad person. I think ultimately Bass Reeves was just doing his job which I thought was interesting. Once we knew Adrian was interested in doing the show, we did some research and we found Bass Reeves and thought it was perfect. He was like ‘I just want to wear a giant mustache,’ so we had the character for him.

Also, it’s fun to make someone that was a U.S. Marshall, and someone who is principled and had many of the same qualities that not only Dolls had, but that Wyatt Earp had, to show that Doc was not always on that side. He was often on the wrong side of the law. But Adrian was great, he was amazing, and I wish we could bring him back. We’ll see.

TTVJ: The other momentous thing that happened was that we finally went to Pussy Willows! That excursion between Nicole and Wynonna did not disappoint. Did you guys have as much fun writing those moments as it was for us to watch them get closer?

EA: I think they are really fun together and I really like Nicole going with Wynonna on this very specific, slightly embarrassing journey. I like Nicole doing things like doubling up on drinks to protect Wynonna. I feel like there was an ease to their bugging each other, teasing each other, and even their bickering that we haven’t seen for awhile. Like when Wynonna steals Nicole’s phone and drops it in the beer, no one is really upset about it and they are starting to sound like friends.

I’m just so happy we cleared Pussy Willows and I have that sign. It’s massive and I don’t know where to put it.

TTVJ: You hang it out at Christmas, right?

EA: You put it up in a child’s bedroom, obviously. Exactly. Perfect. Putting it out at Christmas is pretty good, actually.

TTVJ: I know, it has the lights and everything.

EA: Perfect! A traditional Pussy Willows Christmas. I would do a Christmas special at Pussy Willows, don’t even tempt me. We could set a whole series at Pussy Willows. I’m totally up for it.

TTVJ: Well, we’d have to come up with our stripper names, I suppose, since Wynonna was Aphrodite.

EA: Oh yea, exactly. Well, what’s the rule? Isn’t it your first pet’s name and the street you grew up on? That might be porn star. Mine is Rosie Sundance which is pretty great, so good luck everybody.

TTVJ: Mine is Maggie Sheridan and that sounds more like a soap opera.

EA: Yeah, that sounds more like someone who has really big hair and shoulder pads. That could be your thing and you could be the 1980s stripper! Oh my god, this is working out great, Bridget.

TTVJ: I’ll dress like Sigourney Weaver in Working Girl.

EA: Perfect and then you take off your huge blazer! Very retro! I’m excited about our supernatural strip club spinoff, Bridge.

TTVJ: It’s basically writing itself.

EA: It’s basically writing itself. We’ll just deliver the pilot script to Syfy and they’ll be like ‘we didn’t order this.’

TTVJ: This can be the extra web thing going on in Season 3, just like they have the Purgatory Case Files going on here in Season 2. It’ll be the Season 3 bonus.

EA: I would go back to Pussy Willows in a second, and also because I just really enjoyed the actual location of Pussy Willows. It was the bar of a old hotel in Calgary so it didn’t require a lot of dressing. It really looked like that and was a lot of fun.

TTVJ: Season 3!

EA: Season 3: Pussy Willows all the time.

TTVJ: Now, I know Kat Barrell has a background in comedy. Was this another instance of you knowing your actors and wanting to write to their strengths?

EA: It was, but I was still delighted with how wonderful Kat was. I really think one of the hardest things to do for actors to do is play drunk, believe it or not. It’s hard to be convincing because the truth is, when you are drunk, you’re trying to act like you’re not drunk and keep it together. I laughed out loud when I got the dailies and I thought Kat was so funny. She and Mel together are just so delightful. She definitely exceeded my expectations when it came to the comedy, and I guess it’s just another tool in her “Haught cop belt.”

TTVJ: She and Mel were so great together, and Melanie with those faces! I also laughed at “Abort! Abort!” then the glance at the belly.

EA: Those jokes are the best because Mel doesn’t read the scripts until read through, and when she read that joke she laughed out loud for like four minutes. It’s so gratifying and you’re like ‘Yay! She got it,’ even though she actually is that much pregnant. We definitely share the same sense of humor, which I definitely enjoy.

TTVJ: What can you preview about Episode 208?

EA: It’s a little bit of a departure. It’s a little more conceptual, a little more serious, but we’re going to find out more about the Widows and more about the origins of the Earp curse. There may be the return of some characters that people really love to facilitate that kind of delve into the past. It’s a gift to the really hardcore Earpers, answers a lot of questions, and there’s stuff that happens in a different plot line that we’ll definitely be hearing about on Twitter. That’s all I will say about that.

What did you think of this episode? Got any predictions about Wynonna’s baby? Sound off below!

Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on Syfy and Space.


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