Wynonna Earp: Emily Andras Credits Fans With That Season 3 Renewal

*** Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared on The TV Junkies and has been republished here with the consent of its author. ***

The little Canadian TV show with the hugely passionate fan base is poised to keep on going for another year. It was announced over the weekend at San Diego Comic-Con that Wynonna Earp had been renewed by Syfy and Space for Season 3. While not a huge hit in the traditional sense with ratings, fans of the show, aka Earpers, have politely made their presence felt online through social media, and it’s made a real difference in securing the renewal says showrunner Emily Andras. “There’s so many amazing fans in this fandom who are just wonderful,” she told The TV Junkies when talking about the renewal.

Syfy specifically recently rebranded to focus on shows with passionate fans and they don’t come much more passionate than Earpers. While it’s not yet known how many episodes the show will have in Season 3 when it returns in 2018, Syfy and Space are counting on Earpers to show up and continue to be loud. Andras also talked to us about the experience of being at Comic-Con with her cast including Melanie Scrofano, Tim Rozon, Dominque Provost-Chalkley, Shamier Anderson, Katherine Barrell, Varun Saranga, Tamara Duarte and Wynonna Earp comic creator Beau Smith. “It was really fun and surpassed my expectations,” she said of the experience.

Not only did Andras credit the fans with Wynonna Earp’s renewal, but she said she hopes they don’t stop with their “polite no chill” style on social media. She detailed for us ways fans can continue to help the show, and shared the cast’s reaction when they found out about the news.

The TV Junkies: Congratulations on the renewal! How does Season 3 feel?

Emily Andras: It’s unbelievable and the greatest gift. First of all, I was genuinely surprised and had gotten hints from Syfy early on that because our ratings aren’t exactly Walking Dead level, that we’d have to wait the entire run of the season to find out. I think, again it is with due credit to the fans, that Syfy realized they were going to have a riot on their hands. Syfy is also really smart, savvy and in tune with the fans because what better opportunity to announce than Comic-Con? It says to the fans ‘you did this. This is because of your passion and you’ve been on our case in the best no chill way possible.’

We only found out on Wednesday, which was crazy! I love my executive Josh, aka “Josh from Syfy”, and show him some love! He kept it a secret because he had been really pushing, but wasn’t sure he could pull it off. We are so grateful, and it’s amazing because it’s taken some pressure off. Quite frankly, we’re so proud of what we did this year, but it would’ve been hard to end with the pregnancy storyline. I would’ve hated for Mel to ever feel like ‘oh no! That was my fault.’ It’s so great to have this opportunity to keep telling the story.

TTVJ: Was it similar to last year where you told the cast at a lunch?

EA: We did it at lunch on Wednesday. They flipped and it was really cute. David Ozer, our beloved producer, just did a toast and said ‘Thank you so much for this year.’ Dominique yelled out ‘what about Season 3?’ She was just joking, but David was like ‘Well, about that…’ Then Dominique let out this high-pitched, joyful British yell. Everyone freaked out and people were crying and hugging each other. Tim Rozon wasn’t that excited.

TTVJ: Yea right, he was probably crying.

EA: Just kidding! Oh my god, I cried basically all weekend. Dom and I were the worst, we cried all weekend. Everyone had tears at one point. It was great too because Shamier had rushed there from New York, where he was at a premiere, to get there. It was so good because we were all together. We really love our team both onscreen and off. We have a great team of producers and we love our executives at Syfy and Space. It’s so awesome to get to do it again with this team of people. To see that the cast genuinely loves the show and wants to make more Wynonna is the most gratifying thing to me personally.

TTVJ: I personally wasn’t expecting to hear any renewal news from Comic-Con. Truthfully, a small part of me thought it would be so lovely and amazing if we did, but I didn’t think that’d actually happen.

EA: It was incredible because we’re just halfway through the season. It’s a huge vote of confidence. I’m am telling you though, it’s not because our ratings are amazing. It’s because this fanbase has shown they are engaged, passionate, following and supporting of Syfy. That stuff really, really matters. It saved us and we have to keep thinking of ourselves as underdogs. Don’t give up and keep going!

Season 3!!!! @WynonnaEarp @SYFY @MelanieScrofano @emtothea @VarunSaranga @realtimrozon @IDWEntertain pic.twitter.com/vCoZgHVOJx


TTVJ: What should Earpers do with their “No Chill?”

EA: Thank yous to Syfy is huge and we need to keep trending. One thing about Comic-con that was huge for us, when I took a step back, is that it’s amazing in that you can meet these casts from The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, but I don’t think Game of Thrones is going to recruit a new viewer at Comic-Con. They already have massive viewership, but for us, our little beautiful cast really worked it, and we got a lot of press because people could tell they were really fun and really love each other. It was a great promotional experience for us and I hope it translates into more fans.

Really though, just keep watching. All that DVR/PVR stuff, all that hashtagging, it’s all going to matter. We need to keep demonstrating to the network that we are what we said we are, which is a passionate fanbase who will keep following the show. I think we have some incredible episodes coming up, and if you’ve hung in for the pregnancy storyline you’re really going to love the back half. It’s all coming together, everything is coming together, not just that. Don’t give up and keep spreading the word! We need to show growth, that’s the most important thing.

Tim and I were in line for the Entertainment Weekly party and I just turned to him, I was so tired, and said ‘Tim Rozon. Tom Raisin. Listen, the thing about three seasons for me is that we’re not a fluke. That’s a solid TV show.’ He gave me the biggest hug and said ‘let’s never change! Let’s never change!’ The point is that it’s easier to recruit people now because there’s a lot of show to watch.

TTVJ: Well and viewers now know that you’re coming back.

EA: They know we’re coming back and it’s a great time to catch up. Catch up and dive into Season 2 in the back half. Tell people about the live tweet, that we’re a huge party family and you don’t want to miss out on that. I’ll keep giving out Earper points to those that recruit!

TTVJ: Onto Season 3!

EA: Yay! Except now I’m terrified because I have to do it. We blew through so much story in Season 2 that I’m like ‘how are we going to top ourselves in Season 3?’ I just watched Episode 210 and it’s the craziest episode of the year! Oh my god!

TTVJ: Do you have any highlights from Comic-Con and being with the Earpers to share?

EA: One of the Earpers, Kayse, was dressed like Officer Haught 2.0. She had a Beaver Buzz and we all signed it. She also did a video that was amazing. There were so many Earpers we know that we got to see again and meet new ones. It was lovely.

There was a couple that proposed in front of us! When we were signing there was a girl getting her poster signed, and a few people behind her there was another girl getting a little box signed. Everyone was signing it, Mel and I were last and we asked what it was. She said it was for her girlfriend up there and we didn’t want to pry. Then Mel jokingly said, ‘you should just do it!’ The girl said ‘OK,’ and got down on one knee, and the other girl burst into tears. I think she genuinely didn’t know and it was so great. As usual Dom and I totally sobbed, but it was so great and so amazing.

Just meeting all the Earpers, seeing all the people I love and Kevin [Bachelder, co-host of @WynonnaEarpPod] was extraordinary. Everybody should thank him for the care he takes in making sure the fans that can’t be there get as close to the same experience as those who are. He cares so much.

Are you excited about more Wynonna Earp? Sound off below!


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