6 Ways to Keep Supporting Wynonna Earp


We did it, Earpers! We helped to get our little show renewed for Season 3, and we get to keep this Wynonna Earp party going for another year! There can’t be enough said about what a vital role Earpers played in making this happen, so enjoy a celebratory drink, but remember, there’s still some work to do. The renewal is great, but now is not the time to sit back on our laurels and relax. We need to keep showing Syfy that we are still the politely passionate fans we have been all along, and that’s not going to slow down now that they’ve gifted us with another season.

Just as we’ve said in the past, every single one of us matters and can play a huge role in the fandom, and in supporting Wynonna Earp. The renewal doesn’t change that and never forget that we are still the underdog. So just like Wynonna herself, we can’t stop trying and fighting for what we love. It ALL matters, Earpers, big time!

Similarly to how we laid out the ways to support the show prior to the renewal, we figured it’d be a great time to get everyone back on the same page as to what happens now. What do we do with all our #NoChill now that we have the renewal? As it turns out, there’s a lot we can do! So check out below all the ways we can keep channeling our love, positivity, dedication and energy for Wynonna Earp into making sure we put the show in the best position as it can possibly be come Season 3. Let’s keep our reputation strong and assure Syfy that we’re not going anywhere anytime soon!


Watch live and tweet!

Yes, watching Wynonna Earp live on Friday nights at 10 p.m. ET on Syfy and Space is still the most important thing we can all do. Ratings slightly dipped during San Diego Comic-Con (there were a lot of Earpers there!) but we can’t let Syfy think they’ve made a mistake. Also, we want to make sure that we get a good time slot next season and ratings do factor into that.

In addition to that, getting the show trending on Twitter during the broadcast is still huge. Just because we got the renewal, we want to make it clear to both networks that we’re still going to show up and support the show we love. Let’s keep our Friday night party going strong!

Rewatch on your DVR/PVR / onDemand / Syfy.com

Similar to the live tweet and watch, rewatching on the DVR/PVR within the first 48 hours is still super important. If you don’t have a DVR/PVR then watch onDemand through your cable provider or on Syfy.com. These are all ways to show the networks we are still watching and still very interested in where this story is going, not only in Season 3, but in the rest of Season 2. So keep up those weekend rewatches and playing the show on a loop. You may not think it matters, but it’s all measured and the networks are definitely watching and paying attention.

Thank the networks

Wynonna Earp fans are known for our “polite #NoChill,” so let’s live up to that and make sure that both Syfy and Space Channel know that we’re grateful for them giving us another year of Wynonna Earp. That can be done any way you’d like, or even as simply as sending a “thank you” tweet to Syfy or Space Channel. Just as in real life, there’s a lot of power in saying “thanks” and we want them to know how much this means to us!

Keep up the social media noise!

As we’ve stated several times here, don’t stop talking up the show and being loud on social media. Keep posting and sharing your passion for the show, and always use #WynonnaEarp when you do. This helps not only show the networks how much you love the show, but also may bring other fans into the fold as well.

NOTE: While Earpers have been awesome about not only letting Syfy know we love Wynonna Earp, but also President Chris McCumber, we may want to give the man his Twitter feed back for a little bit. So maybe one thank you tweet to Mr. McCumber and then let’s keep all our noise directed at Syfy and Space. Your passion was amazing though, Earpers and we loved it!

Be loud everywhere, not just on Twitter

While a lot of the social media presence of the cast and most Earpers tends to be done on Twitter, it’s important that we stay loud on other social media networks as well. Networks don’t only watch Twitter, but other places such as Tumblr and Instagram are also especially huge! Make sure you share your love and passion in multiple places because as with life, there’s always room for more love to be shared!

Keep recruiting!

The amazing thing about getting a Season 3 is that we now have even more episodes with which to hook new viewers. This fandom and this show always has room for more and room for growth, so keep trying to bring new people to the show. Keep sharing your passion with others and trying to (politely) bring them into the fold. We need to keep showing Syfy growth and commitment and new viewers are a huge part of that.


If you have any questions about how to best channel your #NoChill never hesitate to reach out and ask! We’re all in this together! Just because we got that renewal, the #NoChill is still very strong and very alive in this fandom. Keep at it and let your voices be heard, get personal when sharing your stories and just don’t stop. As always, remember that Earpers have #NoChill, but it’s also a #PoliteNoChill. Let’s use our powers for good, keep things positive and show our support.

Keep up the awesome work #Earpers, and never forget, this show, it’s ours!



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