Growing Pains…

Growing and getting bigger can always be a bit of a double-edged sword. While you’re excited to be getting new opportunities and ready for new adventures, it’s hard to leave behind the comfort of the familiar. Now heading into Season 3, a similar feeling can be said of the Wynonna Earp fandom. No longer do we consist of a handful of people getting together on Friday nights to tweet about the show we love. Thankfully, the fandom has grown far beyond that and its reach is far and wide. Not only is that growth a great thing for the show itself, but having so many new faces and Earpers out there is fun for everyone involved.

While growing our Earper-dom in numbers is a very good thing, unfortunately it means there’s going to be some awkward growing pains along the way. Just as in life, it’d always be great to minimize those pains as much as possible. Over the last several days, the feelings and concerns of some Earpers have been brought to light and there’s been some great discussion happening on Twitter. Earpers have voiced concerns about not feeling as included or engaged as they would like with the fandom, and how they would love to find ways to feel more connected or a part of things as the fandom gets bigger and bigger.

We wanted to take a minute to definitively say that we hear those concerns. We appreciate every single person who has brought their feelings to the forefront, and engaged in conversations over the last several days. In true Earper fashion, the conversations have remained civil, polite and respectful and for that we say “thank you!” We also wanted to let you know that we don’t want the holidays to happen and have those conversations stop.

We hope in the new year, along with everyone in the fandom’s help, to find a way to bring those conversations off of Twitter and have them in a more accessible and focused space. We’re not quite sure what that means as of yet, but we will be looking into options of what can be done to make sure concerns are heard and opinions can be voiced in the same kind of safe space we’ve always worked towards cultivating in the fandom.

We all matter and this fandom wouldn’t be as great as it was if it weren’t for every single one of us. We hope you all will join us as we try to address these concerns and work through these growing pains. In the meantime, if you have ideas on how to grow this conversation please tweet at us, dm, email us or leave a comment below!


Happy Holidays,

Bonnie (@WynonnaFans), Kevin (@WynonnaEarpPod) and Bridget (@BridgetOnTV)


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  1. Nancy says:

    Don’t know if this helps or not, it’s always been about the show. From everyone behind the scenes to everyone in front giving us their love and compassion for what they do.
    Like Bonnie said once, I am new to Twitter & when I jump on this bus has Emily has said. (Paraphrasing here) it was for the show. Now I have made attempts at being apart of other on here but at times it has gotten confusing (different fans follow certain characters) has to where the hole show has me captive.
    For new people & for those who are unable to meet the cast & others it’s frustrating & confusing has to what to do & who to follow.
    Thank you for reaching out & trying to understand.


  2. Sylvia Dunnigan says:

    Thank you for taking the time to write this Bridget. As this is the first fandom I have ever been a part of, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I do agree that this growth for the show is so important. We love this show and those connected to it. And while I wish that I was part of every conversation, it is unlikely. We all have our “normal” lives and challenges. I am extremely grateful to everyone that I have met because of WE. I hope you all know how much you mean to me!


  3. Natalia Salcedo says:

    Really good article! I’m from Colombia, and last year became afan ofthe show. Sadly in Latin America, there no many followers on the sane country to share the love for the show. Please keep updating this


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