Growing Stronger Together

When it comes to the Wynonna Earp fandom, the new year is a sign of change and yet another chance to make this fandom into a place we can all be proud of, and a place where something can be gained for everyone involved.

Not so long ago some very valid concerns were voiced about the Earper fandom, where some Earpers expressed that they were not feeling as included or engaged as they may like. It was disconcerting to hear these feelings expressed, but we appreciate everyone who shared their thoughts and feelings. While we never assumed the Earper fandom was perfect by any means, hearing these concerns had us thinking that this may be a good time to remind ourselves of some of the qualities we love and hope to continue to promote about the fandom.

What Makes the Earper Fandom so Amazing?

Before examining our weaknesses, we first needed to review our strengths. We sat down to evaluate what we loved most about this fandom, and what qualities and aspects of the fandom we believe make us so strong, so loving, and so inclusive. We loved that the Earper fandom:

  • Actively seeks out and welcomes new Earpers when they reach out
  • Rallies around Earpers who have expressed a need for help
  • Cheers on and supports Earpers who are doing great things
  • Respects others opinions and disagrees respectfully
  • Does not participate in the trolling of others online

How Can We Make the Earper Fandom Even Better?

Of course while we are already a great fandom — we know that we can be better. But what can actively be done to help this fandom get better? To figure out what we could do to get better and become even more inclusive — we asked you! Thank you to all the Earpers who responded with ideas and suggestions on how this fandom could continue to grow in a more loving and inclusive way.

We know and understand how hard it can be to feel like the new kid on the block or to feel that you’re on the outside looking in. While we still hope anyone who feels that way will reach out to the fandom, we have a couple of ideas that we hope will help all Earpers feel more engaged and included. These are ideas are:

  • Earper Meet and Greets – These will be dedicated hours on Twitter where people can use #EarperGreet and then other Earpers monitoring the tag will be able to find new Earpers, say hello and follow each other. Anyone can start an #EarperGreet power hour – just tag us in the tweet and we’ll boost the signal! You can also just use the tag when its not a power hour to let others know that you’re looking for friends! 
  • Earpers Supporting Earpers – For any Earper in need of help, please use #EarperSupport in your tweets so that others may find you and reach out and offer assistance or an ear to listen. All Earpers are encouraged to search through the #EarperSupport tag to find Earpers in need. Let us know if you think an Earper needs a signal boost or a little more TLC and we’ll do our best to help!
  • Find Your Tribe – Being a new Earper can be overwhelming. To make it easier to find others you can be friends with, many Earpers have already created groups specific to interests and even location. Earpers have already created a book club for Earpers, a fitness group, and even a group for Solo Earpers! Here’s a list we’ve compiled of those groups!

For more information on these initiatives, stay tuned to @WynonnaFans and @WynonnaEarpPod who will both have more information on how to use these hashtags to meet others and become more involved in the fandom. This fandom is absolutely better when more people are involved, active and engaged. Please let us know if you’d like to help in any of the above ideas!


Bonnie, Kevin and Bridget


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