Earper Meetups, Earper Groups And Where to Find Them!

Photo courtesy of @cimzim

Interested in meeting up with some Wynonna Earp fans in your area? Are you looking for Earpers who have similar interests as you? Chances are there may be a group out there to meet those needs! We’ve compiled a list of ones below and where you can reach out to find them, join in their chats or find out when the next meetup is going to be.

Remember, when tweeting about Earper meetups be sure to use the #EarperMeetup hashtag to allow others to find these meetups.

Local Earper Groups

Interest Groups

  1. Cards Against Purgatory is a group that plays Cards Against Humanity – Earper-style every Friday at 9 p.m. EST and Tuesdays at 9 p.m. UK time.
  2. @CodeRainbowYYC is a group of Calgary and Alberta area Earpers dedicated to fundraising and outreach projects.
  3. #DomSquad is a group dedicated to promoting Dominique’s projects
  4. Earpercize is a private Facebook group for Earpers interested in fitness goals & supporting others
  5. Earper book club – Contact @Nathalie_fanart
  6. @EarperLovster and #EarperLovster Our Goal: make Earpers feel included. Share positivity & inclusivity, have fun, and open to discover & engage also w/ Earpers we don’t know yet. No tweet left behind is our motto!
  7. #EarperMovieNight – find Earpers watching movies and live tweeting once a month. Often streamed on Rabb.it!
  8. @Earpic_Gaming
  9. #EarpYourCommunity – Looking to give back to your community and make the world a better place? This is an International initiative from @earpitforward dedicated to bringing Earpers together to make a difference. There are multiple local groups including @BayEyc, @EYCNewEngland and @LAearpers. Learn more here.
  10. Gaming Earpers – There’s a DM group. Contact @TannieSpokie for more info.
  11. Earper Parents.  Barbie (aka @only1leia) has a DM thread where Earper parents can chat. Reach out to her to be added.
  12. #PurgatoryPoetsSociety is the hashtag for poetry buffs! They also have a group chat!
  13. @SoloEarpers is a place to get added to some great chats! It is a place for Earpers to meet and chat together!
  14. Wayhaughties Clexacon on Facebook – Search Wayhaught Clexacon or join here.
  15. #WErewatch is a Wynonna Earp rewatch hashtag – watch the show with fellow Earpers
  16. Wynonna Earp Whatsapp group called WayHaught

Upcoming Earper Meetups

Are we missing your Earper group or an upcoming Earper Meetup in your area? Please comment down below with details and where people can find you and we’ll try to keep this list updated with the information!

If you don’t find a meetup in your area why not put out a request on Twitter to try to find other Earpers in your area? Post a tweet asking if there are folks in your area, include the #EarperMeetup hashtag and then let us know (@WynonnaFans @WynonnaEarpPod) and we’ll be glad to help spread the word to try and find folks. Remember, persistence pays off since it’s easy to miss some tweets.


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