4 Ways Earpers Can #NoChill Our Way to Season 4


Beloved by its audience? Critical acclaim? Big name actors? These days it doesn’t seem to matter whether or not a show ticks these boxes when renew or cancel decisions are made by networks. This spring has seemed particularly harsh and many shows from Lucifer to The Expanse to Designated Survivor and on and on have surprisingly been cancelled. Sure, fans of those cancelled shows have immediately launched into action, and in some cases even saw their beloved series resurrected (Brooklyn Nine-Nine), but that’s far from the norm. All too often fans find themselves lamenting about a show they love that is gone too soon.

This spring’s “bloodbath”, which was at 19 cancelled shows and counting, has made it all the more clear that if we don’t want a similar fate to happen to our beloved Wynonna Earp then we better do something about it, and sooner rather than later! It’s all well and good to create a big outcry on social media after a cancellation comes down, but why not get out in front of everything and talk about the show while it’s still on the air? Promoting shows that you love, hyping them up and spreading the word to your friends and family while they are airing is far more valuable.

We want to make sure Earpers get ahead of the game and that we let Syfy and Space Channel know now, while Wynonna Earp is still on the air, not only how much we love the show, but that we want and need it back for a Season 4. The announcement of the Season 3 premiere date, Friday, July 20 at 9 p.m., coinciding with the Friday of San Diego Comic Con, has even given us a great first target date to work toward. While it may not be entirely possible, wouldn’t it be great if SYFY continued the tradition of letting us know whether or not Wynonna Earp is renewed at SDCC?

One thing above all that Earpers excel at is polite #NoChill. Now is the perfect time to use our excitement over the premiere announcement and channel all our dedication and energy into making sure SYFY and Space Channel know just how much we love our “shit show” and want more of it. Below are a few things Earpers can do NOW to let the networks know how we feel, while also (politely) asking for Season 4 of Wynonna Earp. We’ve all banded together before to get more Earp, why not do it all again? Ready, Earpers?


1. Let them hear you!

If there’s one thing Earpers love, it’s talking about and showing just how much we love Wynonna Earp and what it means to us. We need to amp up the social media love now, even before the season starts, to let SYFY know that we aren’t going anywhere in Season 3 and that we’re going to #NoChill even harder this year! In order to do that, there’s a few ways we’re going to try to concentrate our efforts in order to be as effective as we possibly can. Earpers have been amazing about banding together and focusing our efforts in the past and we’re hoping to do that once again! Here’s a few ways we hope to make our social media presence, which for now will be Twitter, as strong as possible:

Who to Tag – In addition to tweeting at @SYFY, we’re hoping to let those making the decisions also know exactly how much we love Wynonna Earp and why! In any tweets you make about your love for the show please also tag:

  • Katherine Nelson – @katherinen
    • SVP Comms, USA Network, SYFY
  • Chris McCumber – @mccumberc
    • President – SYFY

What to Say – Above all, let them know exactly why you love Wynonna Earp and how much the show means to you. However, if you’re looking for more ideas on what to tweet, we’ve got a few ideas:

  • Thank the networks – No one ever gets tired of hearing “thank you.” We never want SYFY to forget just how grateful we are that Wynonna Earp is coming back and hopefully sticking around for a long time. “Thank you SYFY” tweets never get old!
  • We love you, SYFY – Has watching Wynonna Earp on SYFY brought your attention to other shows on the network? Do you find yourself tuning into SYFY more and more because you watched WE there? If so, make sure to let them know how Wynonna has instilled a sense of loyalty in you that makes you love the network and its shows even more!
  • Representation Matters! – Do you feel seen by Wynonna Earp? Can you relate to the characters on screen in a way you haven’t with other television shows? That’s a BIG DEAL and it’s something SYFY should know about. On screen representation may be improving, but to many of us, what Wynonna Earp is doing feels extra special. When you tweet at SYFY, let them know what they are doing here with Wynonna Earp is important and that it matters.
  • Theme days – In addition to all these other ideas, keep an eye out on the @WynonnaFans feed, as Bonnie will be having specific theme days to talk about topics that make WE special. From women behind the camera, to its LGBT representation and wonderful female characters, we’re going to be covering a lot so keep an eye out!

2. Tell Them We Want Season 4!

As we said, SDCC presents the perfect opportunity for some great Wynonna Earp happenings. The cast will once again be at the con and hearing about a Season 4 while they are with the fans just seems too perfect, especially given that the cast is so connected with the fandom. SYFY may be reluctant to renew again before Season 3 has aired, but there’s certainly no harm in us asking. You never know, we could be pleasantly surprised and then not only celebrating a premiere at SDCC, but also a renewal! So while you’re thanking the networks, letting them know what the show means to you and why you want more of it, go ahead and add that #RenewWynonnaEarp hashtag on as well. Let’s leave no doubt that we want Season 4!

3. Recruit more viewers

While Wynonna Earp has always made a huge splash on social media, the networks still look at ratings at the end of the day. So bringing more viewers to the show is always a great thing and that growth and commitment would say a lot to SYFY. With Season 1 already on Netflix and Season 2 dropping soon, it’s the perfect way to get friends and family easily caught up and on the bus to Purgatory for Season 3. So keep talking up the show and keep trying to get others on board! We need every person we can get!

4. Watch and Tweet Live!

While this isn’t possible until the show returns on July 20, it can’t be said enough just how important watching live and getting the show trending on social media is. So flex those fingers and do some stretching because we’re going to need as many people as we can get for those Friday night Twitter parties once Season 3 returns. And remember, we’ve got a new 9 p.m. time slot!

It’s an exciting time with Season 3 coming so let’s do this, Earpers! If you ever have any questions on how to add to the #NoChill for Season 4 never hesitate to reach out and ask! This is a total team effort and we need every single person involved. Our #PoliteNoChill is a force to be reckoned with and we fully believe in its power for good. Let’s do what we do best and show our support for the show we love so much!



One Comment Add yours

  1. BCorona says:

    So glad that we are being even more ProActive. Always disappointing to see good shows cancelled and many making last minute attempts to save it or bring it back. I hate the feeling of wondering whether or not, during the course of the WE season, if my favorite show will return. It’s awesome to sit and live tweet but after you’re left wondering if it’s enough to get a new season. Thank you. Hope we can all get on this mission and make the #WynonnaEarp cast, crew, writers, producers, directors, networks etc. proud and show them how much we Love #OurLittleShitShow!


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