Wynonna Earp Season 3 Fundraising Campaign!

Thank you! Our campaign has ended! 
Total fundraising raised by 7/20/2018:
National Women’s Law Center (USA):  $3,200 !!!!!!
Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund (Canada):  $3,013 !!!!!!

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on Syfy (USA) and Space (Canada)
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Hello Earpers! We’re here to ask for your help and participation in a very big challenge. Season 3 of Wynonna Earp is right around the corner, so we’re hoping to harness all the excitement we’re all feeling and focus our energies on doing some good in the world. While you’re doing good you might also win a cool prize as well (details below). In order to make that happen, we’re once again asking for your generosity and support to raise money for two important organizations:

nwlc-logo-300px leaf-logo

  1. The National Women’s Law Center – based in the USA
  2. LEAF – the Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund – based in Canada

Why these organizations? In a word: women. The main character on Wynonna Earp, the Earp heir herself, Wynonna, is now a mother with a bigger challenge in front of her than ever before. From the very start, this show has been all about fighting for those you love and for what’s right. As well, Wynonna Earp has always put women at the forefront, both behind and in front of the camera. In short, fighting for and empowering women is at the very core of what Wynonna Earp is about.

Wynonna fights for others that cannot fight. She doesn’t give up, even when the situation is difficult. Her fight is now more personal than ever since she has a child of her own. She also knows that she can’t win this battle alone — her friends and family are part of her team. So she goes out now every single day and chooses to keep fighting the battle against evil.

Baby girl, we is the team.

We want to bring the collective power of the Earp fandom together to fight that same battle in real life. Our fandom is a team and a family, just like Wynonna’s. We want to support charities that are advocating on behalf of women and children, especially when it comes to women and children getting the same opportunities in life and having equal rights.

In honor of Wynonna Earp being a Canadian production whose primary airing partner is the USA-based SYFY network, we have selected one U.S. and one Canadian charity. Our goal is to raise $2,000 for each of them! You can help make it happen.

  • In the USA, that charity is the National Women’s Law Center. For over 40 years, NWLC has worked for women and families to help women and girls of all ages achieve their potential. They are committed advocates who do not shy away from tough challenges, especially when it means fighting for some of the most vulnerable women. The NWLC also houses and administers the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund. In doing so, it helps those that have been assaulted, harrased or abused in the workplace advance their careers with legal and public relations assistance.
  • Wynonna Earp is made in Canada and has 10/10 Canadian cast and crew, so we wanted to select a Canadian organization that advocates for women. LEAF, the Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund, litigates to challenge laws, policies and practices that discriminate against women. It also educates and empowers both young women and men by teaching them about sexual rights, responsibilities, and the meaning of consent in law, so that they are less likely to become victims – or perpetrators.

We’ve set an original goal of $2,000 for each charity and we KNOW that we can meet that goal. If we do reach it, we’ll raffle off some fun Wynonna Earp related prizes. Showrunner Emily Andras has provided a signed copy of a Wynonna Earp script and we have other prizes like Wynonna Earp Yearbooks, some photos signed by cast members and several awesome items (WayHaught tee shirt, koozies, stickers & buttons) from FangirlShirts.com.

In order to be eligible for one of the prizes, simply email a screenshot or copy of your donation to: giveaway@wynonnaearpfans.com with the email subject “Season 3 Campaign 2018.” Winners will be chosen from a random drawing and any donation from $1 and up will get you entered.

Please help us by donating any amount you can. If you aren’t able to donate, we understand that — and simply helping us spread the word is HUGE!

Also, we realize that not all Earpers are based in North America. We hope that Earpers in other countries feel inspired and empowered to do this same thing in their countries. If you set up a fundraising campaign in your home country to benefit a women’s empowerment and advocacy organization, be sure to tweet us so we can amplify the message!

Thank you for visiting our page. Remember that kindness is contagious, and so is generosity. Let’s go out and make a difference!


Bridget, Kevin and Bonnie (aka the Wynonna Earp Three Amigos!) + Sally (Fangirl Shirts)

NOTE: We are in no way affiliated with Wynonna Earp, IDW or NBC Entertainment.


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