Season 4, But Now What?

Well, we did it, Earpers! The news was announced during the cast’s panel at San Diego Comic Con that Wynonna Earp had been officially renewed for Season 4. We had all hoped for it, dreamed about, said prayers to whatever deity we choose to pray to and yet, we still didn’t know if it would truly happen. But it did. We not only get to Earp it up together for another year, but we now have 11 weeks left to Season 3 to really have fun and not worry about our fate. What a gift indeed! Things are really about to get fun!

The early renewal comes as further proof that more and more people are starting to recognize what makes Wynonna Earp so special. It’s so lovely to see the show featured and covered by major media outlets and the support SYFY has thrown behind the show is huge. However, make no mistake about it, this renewal belongs to you, Earpers. Your patented Polite #NoChill and mission to make your love of the show known is why we are sitting here today knowing that we got Season 4. If you’re feeling proud and like you own a little piece of this renewal, well you should! You absolutely should! This fandom and the constant support for all things Wynonna Earp related is exactly why the renewal happened. It’s really easy to get down and stuck in the dark these days, but take this renewal as a sign that love and loving something passionately truly can change the world.


So what’s next? What do we do now that we’ve gotten the renewal and are free to Earp it up? Well, for starters there’s always such huge power in a simple “thank you” and so we would love to urge all Earpers to take a minute to thank SYFY, Space Channel and the wonderful people who work there and have been so patient and understanding while we have no chilled the heck out of their twitter accounts over the last few months. From the start, they understood what we were trying to do and it’s probably time to let their notifications breathe for awhile. But first, throw a few tweets of gratitude for Season 4 to the following people and networks:

Also, this is no time to really sit back and rest. We got this renewal because of our #NoChill so there’s no reason to stop that now. Without the question of our fate hanging over our heads we can really have some fun with our #NoChill, right? So let’s put it to use to keep supporting our show. Let’s show SYFY and Space how right they were to renew us and that there’s no way we’re going anywhere. Here’s some ways we can keep channeling our love, positivity, dedication and energy for Wynonna Earp into helping put it in the best position possible heading into Season 4. Earpers have a wonderful reputation and let’s keep it strong and assure the powers that be that we’re not going anywhere!

Watch live and tweet!

Watching Wynonna Earp live on Friday nights at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy and Space is still the most important thing we can all do. It’s still early in the season so while ratings aren’t everything, networks do still look at them and we’d never want to let them fall drastically after getting the renewal. We want to show SYFY and Space that we will always show up for our show and that includes during the weekly airings.

It’s also important to keep our social media presence high during the broadcast. Participating in the live tweet during the show is huge, so keep those Friday night parties going strong!

Rewatch on your DVR/PVR / onDemand /

Similar to the live tweet and watch, rewatching on the DVR/PVR within the first 48 hours is still super important. If you don’t have a DVR/PVR then watch onDemand through your cable provider or on These are all ways to show the networks we are still watching and still very interested in where this story is going, not only in Season 4, but in the rest of Season 3. Play the show on a loop all weekend and do those rewatches because it all matters!

Keep up the social media noise!

As we’ve stated several times here, don’t stop talking up the show and being loud on social media. Keep posting and sharing your passion for the show, and always use #WynonnaEarp when you do. This helps not only show the networks how much you love the show, but also may bring other fans into the fold as well.

Be loud everywhere, not just on Twitter

While a lot of the social media presence of the cast and most Earpers tends to be done on Twitter, it’s important that we stay loud on other social media networks as well. Networks don’t only watch Twitter, but other places such as Tumblr and Instagram are also especially huge! Make sure you share your love and passion in multiple places because as with life, there’s always room for more love to be shared!

Keep recruiting!

The amazing thing about getting a Season 4 is that we now have even more episodes with which to hook new viewers. With Seasons 1 and 2 available on Netflix (in many countries) it’s the perfect binge for any new viewer and a great way to get people into the show and joining our fandom. There’s always room for more, so keep sharing your passion with others and trying to (politely) bring them into the fold. We need to keep showing SYFY growth and commitment and new viewers are a huge part of that.


So bask in this Season 4 renewal because you deserve it! But let’s not rest and sit back and take too much of a break. Let’s keep showing the world just how much this show means to us and how much we love it. We’re all in this together so never hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Just remember that Earpers have #NoChill, but it’s also a #PoliteNoChill. Let’s use our powers for good, keep things positive and show our support.

Way to go, Earpers, you did it! SEASON 4!!!



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