#WynonnaEarpAds Social Media Campaign

While many Earpers have been busy on social media using our #NoChill powers to thank SYFY for a Season 4, we have come up with another way that will show the network just how powerful the Wynonna Earp fandom can be. As with many of our other social media campaigns, this will only work if we can get lots of Earpers involved, but since you all have proved time and again to be “all in” on anything related to our beloved show, we have no doubt we can count on you! Ready?

We all know that in 2018 networks aren’t just looking at ratings anymore. There are now a lot of other factors in play and things that matter, but we’d also be lying if we said that ratings don’t matter. Of course they matter! Ratings matter to SYFY because they help dictate the amount they can charge companies to advertise during commercials of their shows. Those ad revenues make SYFY money and the more they can charge companies for ads during Wynonna Earp, then the more valuable the show is to the network.

That’s why, in an effort to keep making our love of Wynonna Earp known to the world, we want to keep proving to SYFY how beneficial it can be to have the power of our fandom behind the show and network. So we’re going to take our patented Polite #NoChill once again to Twitter and during the week thank companies who advertised on SYFY during the past week’s airing of Wynonna Earp.

We’ve already got an awesome little task force of Earpers who volunteered to help us on this project, and they’ll be making note of national companies who advertised during Season 3 episodes. They are going to continue to do this each week, and we invite all Earpers to do the same. If you notice a big company advertising during one of the commercials while you’re watching Wynonna Earp, just make a note of that.

Then during the next week, while we all wait on a new episode of Wynonna Earp, the plan is to then jump on Twitter and tweet at those companies that advertised, thanking them for doing so and just generally letting them know we see them and appreciate them. In order to make these tweets the most visible, and so that other Earpers can find and share these tweets, please make sure that you follow these guidelines:

  • Use the hashtag #WynonnaEarpAds – we want to make it clear to these companies what show we’re talking about.
  • Always use the #WynonnaEarp show hashtag as well to keep visibility on it high.
  • Please also tag @SYFY in all tweets.

So let’s get ready to amp up the social media love for companies that we see advertising and supporting Wynonna Earp each week. Letting them know you took notice and saw their ad is huge. Maybe they are companies you already support and you can let them know that too! Whatever gets across the sentiment that we see them and appreciate them advertising during Wynonna Earp works! Let’s do this, Earpers and once again unleash our #NoChill in an effort to get our love of the show across to the world.


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