GLAAD Spirit Day 2018: The Final Tally

Love most definitely exists and it’s very, very powerful. This is a fact proved over and over again by Earpers during GLAAD’s Spirit Day 2018. Spoiler alert: This story most definitely has a happy ending!

That’s right, our Wynonna Earp fandom-wide campaign for Spirit Day 2018 has now officially come to an end. As we said before, Earpers completely blew away all our initial goals for this campaign but seeing the final total is just a whole new level of amazing. When all was said and done, Wynonna Earp fans raised $24,074 in support of LGBTQ youth and to stand up to bullying and harassment. Not only that, but the staggering amount came from 750 donors! Earpers, you truly are the best of us.

We want to once again send a big “THANK YOU” to everyone who donated, spread the word or added in a giveaway item and helped make this campaign such a success. This truly was a group effort and it was heartwarming and so fulfilling to see the way Earpers banded together to make this happen. It took every single one of us. Thank you for once again channeling that patented polite #NoChill for good, Earpers.

Speaking of all those amazing giveaway items, we will be diligently working to get the winners chosen for all the prizes ASAP! If you do win a prize, expect one of us to be in touch! Thank you again to Paige and the folks at Seven24 (@SEVEN24films) for their prize donations, the Wynonna Earp writers (@WynonnaWriters) and all the other Earpers who pitched in with great items.

Times can be real tough as of late and often it seems like there isn’t a whole lot to smile about out there. But remember this campaign, Earpers. Remember the way we all came together to bring about some light to the world and spread some love around. That’s how we win. We keep fighting and keep loving. Thank you, Earpers.

With love,

Bridget, Kevin and Bonnie


NOTE: We are in no way affiliated with Wynonna Earp, IDW or NBC Entertainment.


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