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By now many of you have heard that Wynonna Earp won the “Sci-fi/Fantasy Show of 2018” at the 2018 People’s Choice Awards!

These awards are based on public voting so this was made possible by all of the Earpers who voted every day for weeks to make it happen. If you watched the award ceremony or read about them, then you also know that one of the shows that we were up against, Shadowhunters, also did very well that night as they won awards in four other categories (Show of 2018, Male TV Star, Female TV Star, Bingeworthy Show of 2018)! All of the positive comments from both fandoms congratulating each other on social media spurred several fans to start watching the other show. So with that in mind we reached out to the folks from the Shadowhunters fansite and talked about doing some cross fandom organized viewing parties so Earpers and Angels can watch each other’s show, get to know other fellow fans and then support both of our shows going forward.

Below we have some resources that will help you to learn more about each of these awesome shows!

We’ve setup a viewing schedule for the coming months. On Saturday afternoons we’ll be live tweeting a Shadowhunters episode at 5pm Eastern US and then at 6pm Eastern US we’ll be live tweeting a Wynonna Earp episode. Between the live tweets everyone is encouraged to keep watching both shows.

The schedule details are in the graphic at the bottom of this post and also in this tweet.

While we’re watching Shadowhunters please tweet using the hashtags #ShadowEarpers and #SaveShadowhunters.

While we’re watching Wynonna Earp please tweet using the hashtags #ShadowEarpers and #WynonnaEarp.

If you’re new to Shadowhunters these resources should help…

A Beginners Guide To Watching Shadowhunters

Shadowhunters Fan Trailer

Here’s Everything Shadowhunters Fans Have Done to Save the Series

You might find it helpful to check out these additional resources… @ShadowhuntersTV, @BasicShadowStuf, @NephilimUpdates,

The show is available to watch on Hulu and in the U.S. and on Netflix in many countries outside of the U.S.

If you’re new to Wynonna Earp these resources should help…

Wynonna Earp: 12 Reasons To Binge It Now

Wynonna Earp – What’s It All About

A Cult Show’s Recipe for Success: Whiskey, Twitter and Complex Women

You might find it helpful to check out these additional resources… @WynonnaEarp, @WynonnaFans, @WynonnaEarpPod – Tales Of The Black Badge,

The show is available to watch on Netflix in the U.S. and in many countries around the world.


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  1. Dani says:

    As someone who already watches both Shadowhunters and Wynonna Earp, this post makes me so happy! But also makes me double down on efforts to fight for Wynonna… we already lost Shadowhunters, I can’t lose Wynonna Earp too ;_;


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