What I Love Most About Wynonna Earp

When Bonnie and I asked you all to send in an email to enter our recent 12 Days Of Earpmas Holiday Giveaway one of the questions that we asked you was to tell us what you loved most about Wynonna Earp. We thought you folks would enjoy reading some of the answers that we got so we randomly picked about thirty of the answers and those are listed below. Please keep in mind that we received hundreds and hundreds of entries so there was no way we could have reviewed all of the comments so these aren’t necessarily the best answers. These are just a random set of answers but I think they reflect the feelings of all of the Earpers so you’ll enjoy reading through these as they will remind you just how special this amazing Wynonna Earp journey has been for all of us.

Thank you again to everyone who sent in an entry. Look for more giveaways coming in 2019!


This is very difficult to answer. I started watching because I heard about WayHaught but the show is so much more than that. The writing is amazing with constant wit, wonderful storytelling and arcs, and stunning characters. But it’s not just the show, it’s the fandom too. The online groups, the conventions, the camaraderie of it all and, on top of that, how the cast embraces the fandom.

JS from New York


The most I love about Wynonna Earp is that this show is special in its own way. It’s not just about killing demons, it’s about simple people like all of us, about their stories that a lot of people can relate. It’s about friendship, about love, about hope. It gave me the chance to meet awesome people and make great friends. Wynonna Earp also helped me accept myself and understood that its okay to be who I am. Wynonna Earp had a very big impact on my life and that’s what I love most about this show, cast and all Earpers around the world!

AS from Latvia


What I love most about Wynonna Earp are the strong female characters, WayHaught’s positive lesbian representation and the absolutely beautiful relationship between Waverly and Nicole.

MG from South Africa


Wynonna Earp means so much to me. I met so many kind and caring people it’s so crazy how a show can connect people with each other. Ever since I watched this show in my living room with my family they’re starting to open up about the LGBT community. And for that alone I’m so grateful for it. They showed me that it’s not bad to get out of my comfort zone and try something new. I went to dragon con scared because I was afraid to meet my “heroes” or “The People That I Look Up To” bc they may not be the people we think they are BUT MAN WAS I WRONG. They were so amazing sweet and beyond great. They made me feel loved

AA from Georgia


I love this show so much because it’s gotten me through my university degree. It helped me during dark times and good times by bringing it’s sarcastic wit and teaching me that it doesn’t matter how bleak it looks right now, if I just keep going I will get through it. It also brought me and my housemate together, because we would gossip and theorize about what would be next, and we both had LGBTIQ+ role models to look up to. It’s also the poster child for healthy friendships, relationships (except Wynonna’s…), but what I love most is that it promotes making your own family, that it doesn’t have to be any semblance of normal, so long as there’s love, it’s yours.

So thank you to everyone involved.

ES from Australia


It’s very hard for me to say what I love MOST about “Wynonna Earp” because… there really isn’t anything I don’t love. From every single person who works on the show to the amazing story itself, there is so much to enjoy. Our little shitshow is something that brings so many people who long to belong joy and a safe escape.

So I guess I would say, what I love the most is a complete toss-up between two things:
Earpers and our cast and showrunner.

Earpers: We are a gifted, funny, sassy and talented and beautiful and kind community who care about each other as much as we care about our shitshow. There isn’t one person- whether I have or haven’t met them, that I wouldn’t hug. We support each other in good and bad times, and we came together because of a TV show! It always amazes me. And they’re some of the most open and accepting people I’ve ever had the privilege to know.

The people who make our shitshow a reality: Every single person is as invested not only in the show itself but to us. Emily is our biggest supporter, biggest TROLL, and her tweets always make my day—even if she’s talking about Waverly being gone with a shaved head. She’s sassy and kind and giving and I feel like she’s relatable without even trying. I’d vote her into the presidency RIGHT NOW if that didn’t mean she’d have to leave the show. She’s the showrunner everyone needs and doesn’t deserve. AND DON’T GET ME STARTED ON THIS CAST. They are more than their characters… Which they play flawlessly—all of them—from their delivery of their lines and how truthfully they play them to the way they’ve built their on-screen relationships. They are all emotionally attached to each other off screen, they love their fans, and they do their best to make sure we are all represented, both in their real lives and on the show. They care about the environment, animals, the underdogs in the community, those who are bullied, those who are different, and they use their platforms to do more good in this world or to make us laugh than they do to self-promote.

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: get yourself a cast and showrunner and a set of writers and creators and a network who cares about their fans the way that “Wynonna Earp” cares about its Earpers. Get yourself a community of fellow fans who care about you as much as we Earpers care about each other.

SA from Minnesota



LB from North Carolina


What I love best…there’s so much to list. But I guess I’d say that watching our Shitshow makes me feel. And that’s important for me. I felt numb, dead, alone, drowning. Then I found this show…and I laugh, cry, ponder, and go through many questions, scenarios, feelings. It reminds me I’m alive.I breathe.I exist.To hang in there…to be the strongest hero I can be for me. That I deserve to be alive and happy. That I am not alone, we are and Earper Army…and I can lean on them for strength, support, that others feel close to what I do too. I don’t have to be dead, because being an Earper makes me want to live. It saves my life. And I am proud of what we’ve done for our show. I love you all. I see who you are. And I’d want nothing but the real you, ever. Be the light we all need more of. The world is better with all of you in it. Speaking to all Earpers, Bonnie, Kevin, and everyone who is part of Wynonna Earp.

AI from California


My favorite thing about Wynonna Earp is that she is an unlikely hero who shows us all the power we have to save the world.

DC from Texas


I love how much it has given me a chosen family of friends.

JB from Massachusetts


What I love the most about Wynonna Earp is the way it created this awesome community of inclusiveness where everyone is welcomed, seen and heard. It helps people like me to feel more in touch with myself and be comfortable in my own skin. Wynonna Earp casts and crew validates their fans and is so very down to Earth that you can talk to them as of you’ve been friends forever!

EC from the Philippines


What you love most about Wynonna Earp!- It’s hard to just choose one thing, though after going to Earpapalooza (which I can’t even put into words), it was the community that has developed around this show. It’s the way an Earper looks at Emily or Dom or Tim when they speak but it’s also the way they look at us when we tell them our story.

LD from New York


What’s not to love about the greatest show and greatest fandom of all time? The show is fiercely feminist, full of strong female characters, hilarious, smart, quippy, and full of heart. The cast is responsive on Twitter, so you really feel like you’re a part of the show. They also just really care about their fans and want to make a difference in our lives. But I think the number one thing about Wynonna Earp is the Famdom. The community it has fostered is truly indescribable. From the outside-in, you can’t really explain just how special it is. I have friends all over the world and people in my life who I would not know otherwise. These are people that make me want to be a better person. That makes me feel less alone and encourage me to take up space. There is nothing like it and I doubt there will ever be anything like it again.

CA from Massachusetts


I things I love most about Wynonna Earp are the characters. Each character has their own backstory and flaws and shows us that not everyone can be perfect. That being different can be a good thing. I especially love how it shows the viewers that you don’t have to be blood related to be a family. I also love the fandom of Wynonna Earp. they are so welcoming to new people and will listen and support you when you need it.

DF from California


What you love most about Wynonna Earp!: I love Wynonna Earp so much because it teaches women that you can still be a fuck up and be a bold and strong beautiful women. That you don’t need a man to save the day. And I also love it because Waverly and Nicole’s relationship helped me finally come out to every and show that love is love and I can choose who I want to love and don’t worry about all the judgments from other people and I will be forever eternally grateful for this show and all the cast and crew who help make it. Because since coming out I’ve been a much happier and positive person.

JG from Australia


Is it cliche to say everything?! I love absolutely everything about Wynonna Earp. The show is such a bright spot in my life. The writing is so genius, and the sense of humor is right on par with mine. Wynonna shows that you don’t have to be completely put together and perfect to be a hero. I also love seeing representation on my screen as well. Wayhaught is such a beautiful relationship, they have their ups and downs but respect and love are always there. There’s also something to be said about how sweet and down to earth the cast is. They have beautiful souls and it’s obvious. This fandom is absolutely amazing and wonderful as well. I haven’t yet had the chance to go to a con, but I’ve seen on Twitter and Facebook as well how kind and welcoming everyone is. And that’s a beautiful thing.

SM from Tennessee


I have been hooked to the show from the moment i watched the scene of Wynonna coming to rescue Waverly in the first episode. The song in the background Black Sheep, Wynonna driving the bike, the gun shot this scene is AMAZING ! Every time i listen to this song i am in a Wynonna Mood ❤
I love about the show
– The western style because my dad has always loved the Western atmosphere and so do I 😊
– The fact it s all about a badass woman kinda destin to be a hero just like Buffy
– The strong link between two sisters
– The fact that it shows that a family is not a question of blood 😊
– The romance between Doc and Wynonna ( I love Doc style he looks so cool)
– The curse thing (love when people try to change their destiny 😊 )
– I love all the characters even Bobo because we all know that even if he is kinda the bad guy sometimes he is much more than that 😊
– I love the fact that we got to see again Anna, Zoie and Rachel from Lost girl :p
– Nedley and Nicole’s cat I love them so much
– But like lots of people what I like the most about the show is the Wayhaught couple I am really fund of these two from the beginning. Can’t wait to see the next chapter of their story, the wedding :p
– I will just add that what is truly fantastic about the show is the fact that it tells the story of a curse town, shows lots of evil revenants but always want to keep the audience happy with all the jokes between the characters I love how Wynonna is speaking so funny even in bad situation, my fave moment was when she grabbed the trophy and did a fuck sign and smiled ahaha so funny 😊 It could have been just a drama, horror show but Wynonna Earp is much more than that its friendship, family, acceptance, love, courage, jokes :p and everything wrapped in a Western atmosphere 😊

TP from France


What I love most about Wynonna Earp is the badass female representation of all kinds. I love the LGBTQ representation. And mostly I love that this show has given me a family I didn’t know I needed, but wouldn’t trade for the world.

SV from Alabama


The thing about Wynonna Earp that I love the most is its authenticity. It’s the fiercest, bravest, most blunt show (maybe due to all the leading ladies both working on and for it) I’ve ever had the pleasure to lay my eyes on. Never once I thought I could call a funny and messy dysfunctional badass woman MY HERO, as well as having one of the greatest love stories between two women portrayed as beautifully as it’s done in this show. I’m so proud to call myself an Earper and to be part of a community full of the kindest people ever, that changed my life deeply, leading me to question myself and accept every single part of me. So, Wynonna Earp in one word? Life-changing.

SC from Italy


What you love most about Wynonna Earp!: I love Waverly Earp and the sunshine and positivity her character brings to the show. I wish there were more Waverly Earps in the real world!

MR from Missouri


It is the bond between the Earp sisters! It always will be….
In a supernatural western show like this, if the relationship between two sisters stands out, it has to be so so special. Melanie Scrofano and Dominique PC are immensely gifted actors and have provided us with this pure feeling which is so familiar and heart warming to me because I also have a sister. I have re-watched every Earp sisters moment a thousand times whether it’s funny, emotional, action sequence or even involved some ‘goo’ 😉
I am here for the Earp sisters and I stay for the Earp sisters!

This show is the funniest little shitshow I have ever watched. And I have decided to stan for life.

MTG from Toronto


I love how this show depicts a group of individuals who are so entirely different from one another and yet they find a way to build such a strong bond with each other. It is no wonder the Earper fandom is exactly like that. I have never done this fandom stuff before for any show. The love Earpers have for each other just drew me in. The Wynonna Earp characters may disagree from time to time and argue with each other but they always have each other’s backs. No matter what is thrown at them, they keep fighting together for each other. All of this comes from a little TV show….. It is just what we need right now. A way to bring all people together and to show us love does exist in this world.

LB from Ohio


What I love most about Wynonna Earp is: Nicole Haught because she’s Nicole Haught! Brave, loyal, funny and not afraid to go after what she wants. She’s an inspirational character and it’s refreshing to see an LGBTQ character portrayed in this way. Nicole is proudly a lesbian but it’s only one part of her, just like a real person!

SC from Scotland


I love that Wynonna Earp is a very inclusive show that proves you don’t have to be perfect to be a hero. It has saved my life and I will forever be grateful!

TS from the UK



KD from Ontario


What I love most about Wynonna Earp is the diversity and unity within all of the characters. Everyone represents something different and expresses true greatness within their own selves both alone and with others. I admire the script writing – the humour is incredible and clever. I love and appreciate the storyline, special FX and music. And most importantly I LOVE the LGBT representation. The whole show has been put together impeccably well, and I’m so proud of what it has become.

NS from the United Kingdom


The one liners and banter ! “…jagged little nerd…” “tacos are tasty”

Also…Dominique singing! And so much more. Honestly who can choose just one thing?

DP from Florida


What I love most about Wynonna Earp is that the show has given me a chance to truly find who I am. I started watching when I saw that that had some really great LGBTQ storylines but stayed when it became much more than that. Each character tells a story that can inspire and move you to really push yourself to be better and who you truly are. I saw the character of Nicole Haught and was immediately reminded of myself. I went to college for police foundations here in Canada and have always wanted to be a cop, I’m not one to see cops on TV and really connect because real life and TV can be two different things but Nicole Haught really made me realize why I wanted to be a cop in the first place. She always wants to protect those she loves, do the right thing, and push herself to be better no matter what has gone on in her life. After not having any success finding a career in policing, I kind of got down on myself that I might not be the right fit or good enough to be a cop, all things we have watched these characters struggle with in some way or another so I stopped trying, I stopped applying for jobs and moved on. That was until I started watching Wynonna Earp, and knew I had to start pushing, fighting for myself, to get the job and career I want. So come 2019 I will be getting back into shape, and getting myself ready for this new chapter of my life, no more waiting or feeling like I can’t do it, to quote Nicole Haught “when I see something I like I don’t want to wait”. Thank you to this show not only for the LGBTQ storyline which have also helped me be more comfortable knowing who I am is wonderful, but for my found family of earpers through Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr who I have made instant connections with, to the writers who have told such beautiful stories that people can connect with, and to the cast who brings everything they have to make their characters shine you have made this girl from a small town that Kate Drummond happens to be from! Very very happy!

CM from Ontario


And what I LOVE the most about Wynonna Earp is that it doesn’t matter if I’m literally in the other side of the world, and my English is not the best…. I feel part of something special and included in this big family that has been changing lives around the world, mine included. I love how the amazing cast and all the team, are constantly giving us lessons and showing us realities that sometimes we’re too scared to see. This program and these people have become in the light some of us need in the darkness, the hand that hold us when we’re in danger to fall, the love that not all of us has, the friend who tells you ” you’re gonna be okay”. This show means A LOT to me, and I’m very thankful with each one of them, Wynonna Earp is love, is acceptance, is life ♡ and the Earpers… we are all in this together, we are family ♡ all my love from Colombia ♡

AMF from Columbia


What I love love love about this awesome show are…

12. Crazy Plot twists
11. Whiskey shots
10. Waverly and Nicole kisses
9. Purgatory Sunsets
8. Doc Holliday cigarettes burning
7. Revenants scheming
6. Untimely Curses looming
5. New Seasonssss Pleaseeee
4. Wynonna Earp kick ass fight scenes
3. Current awesome seasons
2. Bobo teardrops in a well
1. Anddddd one Peace Maker in a Wynonna Earp Holstererrr!!

JT from Oregon


I love the fandom that was created out of Wynonna Earp more than anything. I have never felt that I can be open about my sexuality because of my religious family and my job as a teacher in a small town. I am in my forties and I went to Earpapalooza, my first ever Con and never felt more at home and accepted. I can’t wait to attend more in the future!

KH from Wisconsin


It has been a life-changing journey for me! I could’ve watched any other TV show, but Wynonna Earp came into my life while I was not in a good situation… But when I joined the fandom, I saw so much love and received so much laughter! And I have to say, since Bonnie & Kevin’s Tales of the Black Badge podcast #125 interview with Dominique + Start The Wave, my thoughts & life totally change… Not only I started to raise awareness to everything around me & the world, I became a Vegan and an activist for positive change (started from Anonymous for the voiceless: animal rights activism) in only 2 months! It’s a long story and words can’t describe how I feel and how grateful I am! Also, I love the show, the cast, the crew, Earpers and of course I’m proud of being a part of it! Honestly, I can’t ever imagine if I didn’t watch this show, what will happen to me or if I’m even alive right now lol. But everything works out just perfectly!! Although this email is to enter the giveaway, I still wanna use this chance to say thank you! Thank you for each and single of you in Wynonna Earp, my life never been better, and it’s still getting better and better every day! I love Wynonna Earp

PK from Malaysia


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Gulsah says:

    This earper family and this show feels so good and awkwardly real. And of course wayhaught 😁


  2. maz says:

    Wynonna Earp is single handily the best show ever because it not only has an outstanding bar for representation be it LGBTQ+, Pregnant women, non-pregnant women, women in general (Did I mention women?), it casts a light on heat-renching moments of reality, Rendering our stomachs useless from laughing, stealing every tear in our eyes and of course making us sit on the very edge of our seats for every episode and the next season. Wynonna Earp isn’t just a show, its a family, a place of love and safety but most of all, Wynonna Earp is the birth place of something truly and utterly beautiful. So thankyou, Emily Andras, the writers room, Beau smith, Melanie Scrofano, Tim Rozon, Dominique provost-Chalkley, Kathrine Barrell, Tamara Duarte, Michael Eklund and every person that has been apart of the process of making this incredible show. I don’t know where we would be without you.


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