Earp Sister Feels Project

If you’ve listened to our Tales of the Black Badge podcasts or followed me on social media you know how much the Earp sister relationship means to me!

Since we still have several months before Wynonna Earp season 4 begins airing I thought it would be fun to do a rewatch of the first three seasons of the show and this time through I’m going to focus on the Earp sister scenes. As I rewatch each of the episodes I’ll be sharing a brief video (approx 5-7 minutes each) with my thoughts about those scenes.

To make this rewatch even more fun the app that I’m using, Clipisode, allows other Earpers the opportunity to reply to me and share their thoughts via video! After I initially release my video for a certain episode of the series folks then have a few days to send in their thoughts. After a few days, I lock down the video and then republish it and include the replies from other Earpers. What a cool way to get the community involved! You don’t need any special apps to get involved. You just need to use your smartphone. When I initially release each of my videos for a few days there’s a button on them that says “Record A Reply” (see photo below).

My latest episode is pinned at the top of the @EarpSisterFeels Twitter account if you’d like to submit your video comment.

Just tap on that button on your smartphone and you can record and send me a 1-2 minute video reply. That’s all there is to it. No app to download. You can even review your video before you send it in case you need to rerecord it.

I get emotional just thinking about so many of the great scenes between Mel and Dom and I can’t wait to talk about each and every one.

Below are links to a playlist of all of the videos that I’ve done so far as well as links to each of the episodes of the series along with the corresponding video episode…

Playlist of all of the Earp Sister Feels videos

Purgatory (1×01)Earp Sister Feels episode #01
Keep The Home Fires Burning (1×02)Earp Sister Feels episode #02
Leavin On Your Mind (1×03)Earp Sister Feels episode #03
The Blade (1×04)Earp Sister Feels episode #03
Digging Up Bones (1×05)Earp Sister Feels episode #04
Constant Cravings (1×06)Earp Sister Feels episode #04
Walking After Midnight (1×07)Earp Sister Feels episode #04
Two-Faced Jack (1×08)Earp Sister Feels episode #05
Bury With My Guns On (1×09)Earp Sister Feels episode #05
She Wouldn’t Be Gone (1×10)Earp Sister Feels episode #05
Landslide (1×11)Earp Sister Feels episode #06
House Of Memories (1×12)Earp Sister Feels episode #06
I Walk The Line (1×13)Earp Sister Feels episode #07
Steel Bars and Stone Walls (2×01)Earp Sister Feels episode #08
Shed Your Skin (2×02)Earp Sister Feels episode #09
Gonna Getcha Good (2×03)Earp Sister Feels episode #10
She Ain’t Right (2×04)Earp Sister Feels episode #11
Let’s Pretend We’re Strangers (2×05)Earp Sister Feels episode #12
Whiskey Lullaby (2×06)Earp Sister Feels episode #13
Everybody Knows (2×07)Earp Sister Feels episode #14
No Future In The Past (2×08)Earp Sister Feels episode #15
Forever Mine Nevermind (2×09)Earp Sister Feels episode #15
I See A Darkness (2×10)Earp Sister Feels episode #16
Gone As A Girl Can Get (2×11)Earp Sister Feels episode #16
I Hope You Dance (2×12)Earp Sister Feels episode #17


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