#FightForWynonna Becomes a #Win4Wynonna

Well Earpers, YOU DID IT! Our show is coming back! IDW, SYFY and Space announced on Tuesday afternoon that Wynonna Earp is officially headed back into production on Season 4. That production will begin later this year with the show itself returning in Summer 2020 to SYFY in the U.S. and Space in Canada. For all the details and more on this announcement be sure to check out Mo Ryan’s article over at Vulture:

Wynonna Earp Season 4 Is Finally, Actually Happening

We won’t lie, we knew this was going to be a marathon instead of a sprint, but we had no idea that our #FightForWynonna would last 6 months and result in over 100 billboards in Times Square. Through it all, Earpers never EVER gave up and it was truly amazing to watch the creative, hilarious and fun new ways everyone in this fandom found to keep each other going and motivated.

Showrunner Emily Andras was also impressed with the way Earpers continued to fight, against all the odds and some very long days filled with silence. She shared with The TV Junkies a special message just for the fans. You can check that out here:

Emily Andras’ Message to Fans at The TV Junkies

So thank you, Earpers! Enjoy this victory and celebrate the hell out of it. You DESERVE it! We all deserve it! This couldn’t have been done without every single person in this fandom doing their part. Whether you bought a billboard, documented a billboard, did push-ups, tweeted, emailed, called IDW or just spread news of the #FightForWynonna through word of mouth, YOU helped make this victory happen.

The celebration will also in part continue at San Diego Comic-Con later in July. According to Ryan’s exclusive Vulture article linked above, Wynonna Earp will be having a cast panel at SDCC which will feature Andras and cast members Melanie Scrofano, Katherine Barrell, and Greg Lawson, as well as Wynonna Earp comic creator Beau Smith. Knowing that the show is officially heading back into production also means lots of celebrating at EH Con Canada in August and other Earp cons later this year.

Now go on, Earpers, take that victory lap!




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  1. Grayson Torgersen says:

    Congratulations ! 🥂




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