The Haught ‘Re-watch Challenge’ Giveaway


This Wynonna Earp Giveaway is closed! And the winner is Taylor Burke from Indiana

We all LOVE Wynonna Earp & we want to share this amazing show with as many viewers as we can. As such, we have a very special FAN GIVEAWAY this week! Katherine Barrell, the woman who puts the “Haught” in WayHaught, has graciously given us a Katherine Barrell fan pack to give away to one lucky Earper! This pack includes one autographed picture of Katherine Barrell (5×7) and an autographed copy of a Wynonna Earp comic book.

Nicole Haught Re-Watch Challenge
Officer Haught Re-Watch Challenge – Wynonna Earp

The goal of the ‘Re-Watch Challenge’ is to encourage viewers to re-watch the episodes within 48 hours of the original airing. You can do so on your DVR, on the Syfy website, via your cable or satellite providers On Demand system, via iTunes, via Amazon or on Re-watch as MANY times as you need to! 😉

How to Enter the Contest:

To enter the contest, just send an email to using the subject title: Haught ‘RE-Watch Challenge’ Giveaway and include the following information: Your name, your email address, your home town and the answers to these 2 questions from Episode 9 “Bury Me With My Guns On” which aired on Syfy on May 27, 2016:

  1. What did Officer Nicole Haught “playfully threaten” Waverly with in order to convince her to get in the police car.
  2. What did Waverly say was what she wanted to do most in this world?

The contest begins today. Submissions must be received by Thursday June 2, 2016 at 11:59 PST.

One entry per person. This contest is open to all Earpers residing anywhere in the world! Read on for the fine print and contest details…

Contest Rules

Submitting your email with the information in the Eligible Entry section below permits your name to be entered in a random drawing where one winner receives an autographed picture of Katherine Barrell as well as a Wynonna Earp comic book signed by Katherine Barrell as shown in the picture above.

Eligible Entry:
1. Answers to the two questions stated above
2. Your First and Last Name
3. Your Town and Country
4. Your Email Address to contact you at if you win
Any entry not containing these four pieces of information will not be considered in the drawing.

You can submit your answer here:


The winning entry will be selected based on a random drawing from all valid submissions. One entry per person. The winner will be announced on the @WynonnaFans Twitter account; on the “Tales of the Black Badge” fan podcast, and also notified by email.


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